I’m never doing that again! I took TRAX to the U. But before I could get to TRAX, there was a kid’s parade for Pioneer Day. I wondered how I was going to get there from here. I had no idea a parade was going on until I got to it. There was just enough room between a gaggle of kids in yellow shirts and a marching band. I zoomed across the street and zig zagged through the library grounds.


It was 1.9 miles from where I got off TRAX to get to the museum. Mostly uphill and some of it very steep! Of course there were stretches with no sidewalks. By the time I got up there, my newly charged, 15 mile usage battery was more than half discharged 😮 Then, it was really, really hard to get through the front doors. People just watched me struggle with the 4 different door handles and no one helped. Definitely not friendly to a lone power chair user.


Today there was a special activity going on at the Natural History Museum. A docent showed people how to swish and spit in a tube, add soap and alcohol and then put a clump of their DNA in a pendant to wear. I enjoyed watching and listening to a little girl chatter on about how important DNA is and that hers looked very good 🙂

It was great to have a free pass to the museum. I’d have to be a heck of a lot richer to be willing to pay $14.95 to get in. The place is huge. Some places it’s more than 5 stories of soaring ceilings. I liked sitting in my chair at the top and looking down at all the little people. I guess to house dinosaurs, it has to be a big place! A bunch of the dinos were too big to fit in a camera frame. I was into the little dinosaurs, the fierce dinosaurs and the dinos with impossibly long and thin necks and tails. My back hurts and my spine is awfully short compared to theirs.

The massive teeth on some skulls gave me the chills. I wouldn’t want to be gored, either!



Hmmm….thanks for the reminder. It’s time to take my mastadon.


How about a fish fossil? There were lots and lots of these.


My favorite sections were the ones about Native Americans and the fossils and gems. When Heather was a baby, my mother lived with the Navajo. A guy made a cradle board just for her. It looked a lot like this.


Exhibits were organized by tribes. Now I cannot remember which tribe these things were from. The section on Navajo things looked just like the inside of my mother’s house in Arizona.


Purple quartz. My color! 🙂

birdrelatives deadbirds

I was slightly creeped out by the dead birds, but especially liked the magpie and pheasant. I am surprised I lasted inside the building as long as I did. Even though they seemed to have an excellent ventilation system, after an hour, my lymphs got unbearably tight and swollen.

storage FossilLibrary

Bone storage

I was ready to call it a day and go home. To move around the building in my chair, meant sometimes going up ramps and sometimes using an elevator. When I was ready to go back to the first floor, there was a sign that said elevator out of order 😮 Me, panic? A nice employe showed me how I could exit from the second floor and follow some serious ramps to real dirt. Whew!


I looked to my right, and there was Red Butte Gardens. I hemmed and hawed. I never wanted to go up that hill again. But….my chair’s battery was low. Oh, what the heck. It was free and I only have to the end of this month to use the pass. I knew I would never come back and pay $12 to get in.


More difficult entry doors. I pushed the handicap button to open the door and ended up stuck between both doors, with no button in the middle. Actually, the more I try to remember, the less I am sure if it was the museum or the garden’s door where I got stuck. Someone did help me when I was in between doors.


After checking in, I was told to go up the gold elevator. It was a most unpleasant experience. My chair had to be at a weird angle to get the doors to shut. Then when I tried to get out, the door repeatedly shut on me. Fortunately for me, I was able to use my left hand to push the open door button while using my right hand for the joystick control on my chair.


There were 3 double doors to get from the building to nature. None of them had handicap buttons. I waited until nice people came along and let me out. It was like another world once I got outside. I loved the secret little gardens.


To get into the little gardens, I passed through an enchanting arbor. What a perfect green leafy roof! Ahhhhhhh…..shade.


Look at the trunks on these vines! They must be quite old. I have never seen anything like them.


There were many different arbors opening up to several sorts of gardens.


The sunken herb garden was gorgeous.


Is this a papyrus plant? It’s having an interesting hair day :-p


It would have been nice to be there on a cooler day with a fully charged battery. I decided I got my money’s worth in half an hour 🙂 Back to the doors with no handicap access, but a volunteer came running and let me in. Ha ha ha ha…I thought all was well. Then I had to go down the elevator. It was a tough maneuver, but I squeezed in enough for the doors to close. I thought I was very clever to back in, so it would be easier to get out. WRONG!!!!!!! The door open button was now on my right side, but my right hand was busy steering with the joystick. The door became vicious. It didn’t hit my chair and open. It progressively squeezed the chair, harder and harder. I yelled help. People looked at me and went back to browsing. I screamed PLEASE HELP ME!!!! Then 2 employees came running. They positioned themselves on each side, put their bodies into diagonals and pushed with all their might. Now the door was squishing all of us. It was unbelievable! They were shaking from exertion. It was as if the damn thing wanted to kill us. They would push the door open button and it would hit us harder each time! I would love to see a security video if they have one. Would you believe that NO onlookers helped the two young, thin girls and me???? By the time we got out of there, I had totally dissolved into tears. It was probably THE most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me as a chair user.


I somehow pulled myself together, took a pic of the SLC pollution line in the valley and made it home. It’s a lot safer to stick to grocery shopping for entertainment!