I think the secret to me feeling better is to not eat. I did not eat for 2 days, then Sunday night a friend brought over bbq ribs and cauliflower, so I finally ate again. I have been super hyper energetic without eating! Also, my blood sugar has stayed low without insulin.

shady side

I have packed more in the last two days than I usually do in two weeks. Really….I feel high! I think I feel several orders of magnitude times a bazillion better after rediscovering Rhett and talking to him. His voice on the other end of the phone wasn’t something I ever thought I would hear again. It’s sooooooo strange how this has played out. I did not know how much all the unfinished business between us had affected me. Truly, I had no clue.


Earlier today I went out and took pics of people up and down my street. It’s the night when people camp out before the Pioneer Day parade. Lots of classic cars going by, groups of bicyclists, music, colorful lights, people in costume, etc. Like a community circus. It has been going on from first light to the middle of the night. I sat outside with a group of people until 1:30 AM. No sun, the air was cooler and we all had a blast 🙂

in tents

I have talked for hours and hours today….to my friend with the bbq and to all the folks in this building who hung out and yakked the night away.