Too bad my lungs don’t get a break. They are tired today. Yesterday’s high was 104 for the official high. Today was 101. Too hot for me! After sitting here struggling to breathe all morning, I decided to go somewhere….anywhere! The outside pollution is better than the mingling of that and mold. I was going to go to Smith’s and TJ’s, but it was an 11 minute wait in the sun. I decided to take the train going the other direction because the wait was 4 minutes. Once I got on the nice, cool train, I wondered where I could go?

I could have transferred to the green line to go to Rancho Market, or I could do the long and unpleasant sidewalk slog to the Costco closest to me or….oh, I could go to a new-to-me Costco! I got off near Intermountain hospital and with a 50-50 chance, picked the wrong one. I went to the left. Should have gone to the right. Hmmmmm…..I guess that’s why people plan ahead. Sometimes I really, really miss having a cellphone with GPS and Google Maps. Instead I did a very big circle around the humongous hospital complex.


I started at the TRAX station. I went NE, then S and then turned onto 5300S. Wouldn’t you know it??? There were 2 municipal trucks parked on the sidewalk! So I took up a driving lane and hoped no one would hit me until I could get to the driveway for Costco. Scary!!!! When I left Costco, I went the shorter way back. It was surprisingly easy, and on sidewalks the whole way, to go from Costco to the TRAX station. Google maps says it’s .4 mile from Costco to TRAX. Decent! And I lucked out! A train was there within a minute 🙂


This is snipped from Google Earth. Not a speck of snow on the mountains now! The trucks were working on signs on/near the light. Awfully busy road for me to be taking up road space in a wheelchair! 😮

All that for a couple of bags of frozen fruit and some sunscreen! But….from now on, I will know how to get there easy 🙂 Easiest access so far…if I go the right way :-p I cannot carry much on this chair, so shopping trips have to be smaller and more frequent.


And about that sunscreen. My skin has been burning. I needed sunscreen…desperately. It was on sale at 2 tubes for $9.99. It goes on very white, but then the white sinks in. And boy….do I mean sinks in. Sigh. This stuff gets bad reviews at Costco. I’m not sure if I love it or hate it as a sunscreen. Remember me and CeraVe? I got bumps on the backs of both hands…and still have those bumps. Now I have white ones on my arms. Geeze! What the heck is wrong with my skin in my old age? I must be absorbing lotion in pockets.

spots bumps

Those white spots/bumps are under the skin. The one on the bottom is my white mole. These feel just like the bumps I got from CeraVe! Argh!!!!

This is pathetically comical. 62% of peeps on Amazon gave it one star. One more reason I wish I had a smartphone. Snicker….  Oh, well…just call me spot. Good thing I have a dermatologist appointment next month 🙂

Olive saved me again. I was resting in bed…neither awake or asleep, when Olive started pawing me. I got up and tested. My blood sugar was 64 😮 I made it go up by using some of my new frozen strawberries mixed with Hawaiian ice. Mmmmmm….

That was the excitement of my whole day and the only things I did. I must have spent time thinking…but I can’t remember about what.