There were only 5 reported cases of WNV in Utah in 2012. As far as I know, I am not one of the statistics. Many of us with positive WNV tests end up not being reported. For me, that has been a big mystery. For the whole country in 2012, there were 5,674 documented cases. The most the CDC reported was in 2003. I’m in the second highest crop. I’m sure there were a heck of a lot more people with WNV than that. In 2014 there were about 40 eagles in Utah that died from WNV. Why aren’t there statistics showing more people getting the virus?

Every once in a while, in the groups, we talk about who’s on the official list and who’s not. Being on or off seems random. One thing that’s for sure….all of us on the support groups HATE being sick with all these strange, varied and confusing symptoms. The problems seem to be cyclical. In the beginning, the cycles happened a matter of days apart…then weeks, then months….and sometimes it’s as if we are getting WNV all over again. People sometimes get tested while in a flare, and the virus is at it again…not a new infection, but a reactivation. WNV can hide in the bladder and other parts of the body.


When I put up the picture of the asteroid or meteorite, what I had actually been looking for was a pic of the space junk that hit Rick in Northern Exposure…one of my old favorite TV shows. I had been thinking that with my luck, I would be like Rick. The pics I found online didn’t mean much if you had not seen the show. Then, last night on the news, they showed space junk burning up over Utah. I was blown away that I had just thought about it….and here it comes.


Another nasty air day here. I am totally snot lockered. My nose has swollen shut. I am a mouth breather today. Chest hurts. Lungs are not amused. Same old, same old, along with a wicked bad headache. I need to go get more kleenexes, but it was way too hot out there today….official high 102.


The white skin bumps from sunscreen are not going away 😦 I look funny. This is today’s arm picture. I contacted the “Honest” sun screen company, but all they did was want the lot # and pictures. They offered no advice or help.

I made another big pot of beef stew. This time it was a pound of beef, 4 large potatoes, a pound of carrots, an onion and a half, a ziplock of fresh green beans, a bunch of chopped Swiss chard, a bit more than half a pound of mushrooms, cream of mushroom soup, a can of diced tomatoes and seasonings. I only ate a tiny kid bowl full. It was good….but my guts aren’t. My highlight of the day was Hawaiian ice mixed with a little raspberry syrup. I could not even bear to eat fruit 😮

I made the mistake of looking at the latest crime report map. One of the scary guys here is listed as a violent sex offender. It says he was in jail a number of years for it. I almost wish I didn’t know my spidey sense was correct. And speaking of emergency calls, there was that red car from the fire department here today. Every other time they have come here, it was because someone died. An ambulance left here in slow motion when that car left. Creepy.

For Pioneer Day there were 5 ambulances here. I think I got the right gossip about who they were all for….2 visits for a woman with bleeding varicose veins that wouldn’t stop bleeding, a broken leg for a woman who had just healed from joint replacements, a woman who was recently given 3 months to live because of cancer and the woman with a broken leg who they thought was having a stroke. Out of 80 apartments, that’s a lot of emergencies. I’m sure there are visits all the time that I never see.

A man I know came to my window last night and told me about some of the police visits for theft, drugs and who knows what else. As he was standing there, he looked down and found drug paraphernalia under my window! 😮 What the heck?!?!?!?! Do they sit there and shoot up or throw it there?

Yup….just loving life downtown in the valley…with poisoned air and lots of creepy people….and no IVIg for Wendy. Sigh….

Just before it was going to get dark, I went to Smith’s and Trader Joe’s. I needed kleenexes and was looking for fruit syrups. At both stores, they were playing sappy love songs. It was all I could do not to sob in the store. How did I manage to spend so much of my life in unusual and unstable relationships? Most women marry men who love them and they have children and families together. Somehow I managed to screw all that up. I kept seeing loving couples shopping together while listening to love songs. Yup…made me blue. Very, very blue. It would be nice to be part of a relationship in my old age. I totally blew it…..