Same old motivation….I was so stuffed up that I needed an excuse to leave the apartment. I decided to go to Whole Foods for toothpaste. They are the only store that sells cinnamon clove Tom’s toothpaste. Within a few yards of the store, the rain started.

Whole Foods is a weird place. Everything costs at least twice as much as anywhere else. It seems to be like designer clothes. People feel more self-esteem with expensive stuff….even if it’s no better than cheap stuff. I don’t get it. Sometimes they have a specific fruit or vegetable on sale that’s a good deal…but not very often. I looked around for fruit syrups, but didn’t find any. I like Amazon better than actual sticks and bricks shopping. Easier to find what I want.



Each time the slightest bit of sun hit my left leg, the rash got worse. That’s the only spot on my leg that my skirt does not cover. I put blue aloe vera pain relieving gel on the rash, and that does help some. It’s nasty with pus filled bumps 😦



I have a new toothache…..and no dental care. I need to try harder to get free/cheap care somewhere. The bad tooth has multiple holes in it, so it’s a miracle the nerve did not hurt until now. I wish I could just pull it out myself! My face is swollen and that side of my neck hurts 😦 The pain came on sudden.

no care

The rain was another one of those very spotty ones. Rain at Whole Foods and the library, but none at this apartment. A block or two makes a big difference. On the way home, my nose was so UNswollen that it hurt to breathe. Weird how my nostrils always hurt when that happens. Contrary! As soon as I got to the sidewalk near my apartment, I stuffed up 😦 Got inside and my ears were stuck….again.


Another day that I didn’t do much but sit here and feel miserable. Have I mentioned my right foot? It keeps feeling like I stepped on a thumb tack or pebble, but there’s nothing on the bottom of my foot. It hurts so bad that I cannot put weight on it. The pain is on the outside edge, in the middle. I see nothing weird. No idea what’s causing that.

black cat

Black cat and a black night. Where’s Olive? 🙂

Olive has been very popular today. Lots of people came up to the window to say hi to her.

not drooped swollen

Even though my neck and face are swollen, all the ice I put on me made my eyelid open. It was awful drooped when I was outside. My eyebrows are still growing back 🙂 In person, my cheeks are neon pink. My skin is hating sun!