Last night I seriously felt like I was going to die. It seemed like my body’s systems were all going haywire. When I woke up this morning, I felt even worse. I just broke all records for how swollen my face can get. I looked like a puffer fish. When I talk or chew, it feels like my cheek is about 4 times thicker than normal. I’m all head, neck and cheeks in a big mass. My eyes got lost in all the swolleness. It has been hard to see out of my swollen eyelids. I only felt worse as the morning went on.

I decided I was going to church before I dropped dead. I have not made it there in a long time. I wanted to take sacrament before anything worse happened to me. Another huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Hmmmm….finding Rhett lifted a weight off me, taking sacrament did the same. Does that mean I’ll be so light that I can float to heaven, now?


I parked my chair to the very left, against the wall near the back, facing towards this. The skinny door is up front to the right

I was sooooo thankful to make it through 2 sets of handicap inaccessible doors, thanks to help…then in through the narrow door to the chapel. By the time I parked, I was shaking all over, gasping for breath and sweating profusely. I remember why going there is so tough!

stained glass

I sat near this stained glass window

But…..I am soooooooo grateful I made it! I spent an hour more after sacrament meeting, sitting in the chapel, talking to people who were glad to see me. By then I felt like a boiled egg. Too hot! And it’s hard to breathe in that building. I fled outside for fresh air, but instead the air felt like it was searing my lungs from the inside. The sun and 100+ temperature was brutal!


I tried to take streets with the most shade. Then I got to the curb cut that is my nemesis. If I come at it from my home, I know enough to avoid it. I forgot when approaching from the other way. I made it down the steep ramp, but then got stuck where the surface transitions from sidewalk to road. I could not pull forward or back up. My chair was at a sideways angle and it felt like I was going to tip 😮

A driver must have seen the whole thing. She pulled across the intersection at a diagonal to block oncoming traffic from me. She put on her emergency flashers, jumped out and said she knew how to help. She pushed my chair out of the steep rut and up onto the road surface. I thanked her profusely!

Got home, stripped off all my clothes and stood in the ice-cold shower until my body temperature reversed direction. I was soooooo close to fainting! I left home with the A/C on full blast, so it was cold in here. Sat in front of the fan on high and did my best to chill. The whole thing left every muscle and joint in fiery pain. My leg rash got angrier, too. The back of my head/neck is seriously swollen and painful 😦 A nap with oxygen and CPAP for lung support would probably be an excellent idea. All of my breathing muscles are screaming. And ohhhhhhhhhhh…..what a headache! It was worth it, though 🙂