mg Lupus

Despite steroids and Plaquenil, my lupus and MCTD are flaring. I feel horrible. I woke up with a fever. Everything hurts, I feel supremely queasy, my voice is feeble, my eyeballs have stabbing pain and I can feel that oh, too familiar “cellular shimmy”. I feel the lupus deep inside my every cell. Once you have felt it, you’ll never forget it….even for me, with my toasted brain. Hmmm…because of my MG droop, my poor eyelid gets red.


close rash

I was surprised that the rash on my leg has gone flat. I’m glad the bumps of pus have disappeared! That’s a good thing 🙂

side of butterfly

The butterfly is fairly well defined, but I have red spots all over me to go with it.


At 4 AM I was pale. I just keep getting pinker as the day goes on…even though I have not been in the sun. To me, it looks weird to be white around my mouth and eyes despite the color on other parts of my face. I wish cameras took pics that look the same as seeing my own skin. It’s close enough, though.


This one is too fuzzy to show the rash on my cheek, but I cropped it to show how white my hair is getting.


I was looking up info on flares just to make sure my thinking is right. I could write a book about all the icky things I feel right now 😦


My guess is the flare is just because it felt like it, the mold invasion, the stress from finding out about Rhett, my hernia/guts and the way too much time in the sun lately.

I feel like lying down, rolling over and dying. I will probably get over this acute phase, but for now, there’s not much fight in me.