I was feverish all day. I keep the A/C on icy and the fan on full blast, then I regularly soak my head in cold water…but I still sit here sweating. I feel too hot all the way through me. For days now, my main food has been ice cream and Hawaiian ice. Real food leaves me bent in half, screaming in agony. The stomach and gut pain sucks 😦 I joined a gastroparesis group to try to figure out what I can do about it. Somebody posted this interesting article about gut distress. 


In the afternoon I decided I needed to go buy more ice cream and raspberries. NOTHING else sounds good to me. I got 3 blocks from home and my new power chair self destructed. The mechanism that lifts the leg rests came undone from the chair. A screw came out and this piece fell to the ground and dragged. It looks irreparably broken 😮 The case cracked open.


Luckily I had a couple of bandanas with me and used one to tie the mechanism up so I could turn around and get home. I promptly sent an email with pics to the wheelchair guy and he was here within 20 minutes. We went over all the things I love and hate about the chair, and the repairman will be contacting me.


When the wheelchair guy left, I turned on the TV news. There was a fatality at the corner of State St and 400, within sight of the library. I was glad my chair had broken and I did not get on TRAX!

Then as it got later in the evening, I got my old chair ready and took off for the store. The accident scene was still crowded with cops, UTA officials, buses used as a bridge past the accident and lots and lots of flashing lights. I asked an official if I could take TRAX from the library to Trader Joe’s. He nodded, grunted and pointed to the platform. There should have been someone up there! We were all confused because the train arrived and left on the same side. I finally got on TRAX and took a chance I was in the right place. We went a few blocks and it switched to the other side of the tracks.

Then all hell broke lose. Some idiots kept pushing the door open button while the ramp was deploying to let me out at TJ’s. The door and ramp went bonkers…opening and closing. The driver came back and used some sort of hand held device to try to make it work. No such luck. He tried opening and closing the doors numerous times. The ramp sometimes would not move at all, other times it would stick straight out, but not form a ramp down. He got some sort of key that opened up the floor. Still no luck. Then another train came up next to us on the other tracks. That guy did all sorts of things to help. Nothing was working. Finally they were able to make the ramp stick straight out with the doors still open. The other driver yanked on it while my driver messed with the hand held thing. Clunk! The ramp hit the platform and I was able to escape. I could not pass him, so sat there and watched the two guys get the ramp to retract and the doors to close, which wasn’t easy.

When I got off TRAX, there was no way in heck I was getting back on it! I got 3 things at TJ’s, then 3 things at Smith’s and wheeled it home. The entire time I was gone, my eyelids were sweating. Not just a drip from my forehead. I had to wipe my eyes every few minutes the whole time I was gone. This darn fever is not letting up. I don’t ever remember having sweaty eyelids before!


I came home, put away my ice cream and fruit and stuck my head under the faucet again. No matter what I do, I’m still too hot!

The good news is that the manager says he is sending the hazardous substance guy to my apartment. I hope he is useful! At night I get full of great amounts of clear mucous in nose and throat. It wakes me up one or several times a night when I choke and gasp for air. Disgusting and dangerous 😦

I keep thinking about upstairs neighbor Al being dead. I never saw anyone but church people visit him.  When old people die here, either a whole bunch of long lost relatives descend on the place to argue about and divvy up possessions, or nobody comes and an employee will toss and give away stuff. Either way seems like a sad ending to a life. I heard a few footsteps today, but not much seems to be going on up there. I think about my own death. What will people wonder about as they sift through my stuff?