After the trial a year ago, looking at medical records was too painful. I never did look at all of them. Now I am trying to organize the most important papers for my September neurologist appointment.


Reading the medical records about my hernia, diverticulitis, fistulas, questionable pelvic lymphs, etc. is rather sobering. Then I got to a hospitalization that says I had a cerebral artery occlusion with cerebral infarction. I don’t remember anyone using those particular words. But heck….my rememberer is about shot. So I had an ischemic stroke. Online, it says a third of this type of strokes result in death. All my stroke stuff is a very fuzzy memory. I wonder what the other strokes were classified as? I for sure have had more lives than a cat!


When I got to the clipped together pages from my formerly good neuro, I realized the judge never even got the 4 page document that he put together showing I have MG and asking for IVIg treatments. Makes me wonder if the trial was rigged from the beginning. Because the young lawyers did not seem to understand myasthenia gravis, they were not very good at telling the judge important parts and refuting testimony from that buffoon of a nurse that was added as some sort of expert just because he once oversaw immunoglobulin purchasing. I sure remember him spouting some of the most idiotic statements imaginable.


As someone with MG, who has spent decades hanging out in support groups, I am positive I know more about myasthenia than the average neurologist, let alone a lackey nurse. The whole trial was a sham 😦  It’s one of those things I can only let go and breathe deep. It was pretty darn obvious once I got to the courtroom, that the insurance company had put enormous resources into making sure I was denied. It was freaky to have a whole room of many people bent on proving it was an unnecessary expense and treatment.


Yet….just six months before the trial I was in ICU having my life saved thanks to 5 days of IVIg. I can only hope that someday karma bites those people in the butt for putting a human’s life second after profits. I do not understand why people line up to be part of such a thing. But….the same is true of politics. I cannot imagine anyone being so stupid that they would vote for Donald Trump. Back to the Dark Ages! I’m having a hard time with how ignorant crowd mentality is!


Ooops! Emergency nap! I was sitting here in my chair when I came darn close to passing out. I got up and the world was spinning. My head felt like it was going to explode. Crawling into bed made me wicked short of breath and my heart was beating all wrong. Thank goodness I quickly fell asleep. I continue to have a fever and feel lupus-y. I woke up to crazy heartbeats, too.


I went outside tonight to take out garbage and recycling and ended up spending 3 hours out there talking! Amazing that this keeps happening. I was talking to two unlikely-for-me-to-talk-to folks. One had recently been baptised LDS. The other just got her first temple recommend. This place has suddenly turned into a hotbed of religious and spiritual conversation! At 1 AM it was 85 degrees out there.


Today I heard heavy footsteps upstairs. My upstairs neighbor has been in the hospital. I knew something was wrong when I heard footsteps. Yup…he died 😦 I had been asking around about him before the hospital because he quit shaving and was acting very odd and lost. It wasn’t much more than a month from going downhill to being dead. Dang! I have to admit…I wonder how much the mold and bad air did to him?