It was another one of those emergency naps. All the sudden I felt like I was going to pass out, so I got in bed and slept for 4 hours. That makes 11 hours of sleep. I think my body is overwhelmed by all the parts of me that need healing. The newly ripped hernia is wicked, wicked painful 😦 My lupus fever and flare has not let up, either. And I woke up tonight to air thick with smoke. What a creepy looking sky!

awful air

The top graph is particulate matter, the bottom is ozone…for the last two days.

Living in a valley between mountain ranges might look pretty on a nice day…but there are hardly any nice days. We have had air quality alerts most of this summer. The bad air gets stuck down here. Not a good place for someone like me with so many lung problems. It looked dark and dingy out there all day. Here’s a 24 hour cam. I watched it at both medium and slow speeds. It doesn’t do justice to the murkiness, but you get the idea.


As I outlined in another blog post, my income is $9,972/year if you include both disability and food stamps. I am paying 75% of my disability for rent. There was just an article by Utah Poverty News about the price of apartments in town. What are people like me supposed to do? There are thousands upon thousands of low-income folks. Especially since I am in a wheelchair, I need to live near public transportation, groceries, doctors, hospitals, etc. With the city gentrifying, where do poor folks go??? Republicans sure don’t care 😦


I decided to do pie charts of my yearly income and expenses. The top chart is including both disability and food stamps as income. The bottom chart is just the real money available to me. I get $98/month, which is $1,176/year for food. Since SNAP can only be used for food, I left it off the second pie chart. It’s a sobering look at what I spend in a whole year. So $568/year is all I have for haircuts, cat needs, doctor and med co-pays, supplements, laundry, clothes, any food over $98/month SNAP, household supplies, etc, etc….


I think it’s interesting to look at income and expenses from several angles. I’m sure there are plenty of people who spend per month what I have for a whole year…on various things they need or want above and beyond rent and internet. I keep trying to explain to myself that I do a remarkable job with what I have to work with. Can you imagine spending 83.31% of your income for rent and internet? Yikes! Feeling guilty for being poor is stupid. I need to stop it. Feeling guilty for being disabled is almost the same as feeling guilty for being low-income. In my case they go hand in hand.




Snicker….  Good advice! 🙂