Another smoky morning. There was quite the scare yesterday. Right near where we went up the canyon, but on the other side of the state house, a fire started and quickly moved up-slope, scaring the beejeepers out of people hiking up Ensign Peak. Luckily all people were able to escape to safety. It’s very, very dry out there. This morning’s smoke has swollen shut my nostrils. Breathing through my mouth, I can taste the burn. It’s like licking out an ashtray. Yuck!

And speaking of scary, there were cops here last night. Two of their cars parked in front of my window. I am not aware most of the times police are called. Makes me wonder what sort of things are going on here. It’s usually due to drugs, alcohol, dog control or physical violence. There have been a few people here who steal anything they can get their hands on, so they can pawn it to support their habit. Lots of trespassing complaints, too. Some people here have wicked scary children. Ah, the joys of public housing!

It’s been happening for a few days. I kept thinking it was low blood sugar, but I tested just fine. The darn buzz/quiver/vibrate/tremor thing has come back. I should have known it wasn’t blood sugar when it kept feeling like I was in an earthquake. That’s what woke me up this morning. It was so intense, that there was no question it was back. It’s kinda cool and kinda creepy.

And speaking of blood sugar, still no further news about my insulin pump. I guess things are on hold until my doc visit with the endocrinologist. After keeping records of 4 to 5 blood sugar tests a day, it’s easier to see the trends. Even if I don’t eat, blood sugar shoots up after taking my morning steroids. Then on days when my gastroparesis is the worst, blood sugar stays stubbornly high. When my guts are zipping right along, blood sugar goes low unexpectedly.


My lack of remembering power scares me! How could I forget how much eating hurts??? Yesterday I nuked some sausage and ate some fruit. Then, for a couple of hours, I was in horrendous doubled over gut pain. It really does feel like something is trying to break out from my abdomen 😮 When I go with Hawaiian ice and some fruit, it doesn’t hurt so much, but foamy bubbles come up my throat. I miss digestion.

Like an idiot, I had a peanut butter and strawberry spread sandwich for breakfast…and washed it down with cold milk. It didn’t take long and I was doubled over in pain and crying 😦 I tried moving around in different ways to try to ease the pain, but finally gave up and went back to bed. Oh, my gosh! I didn’t wake up until 5 hours later 😮 Now I’m hungry for lunch….in theory. I’m afraid to eat anything. Soon my hunger will overtake my common sense. Sigh……

Wow. This is sneaky pain. I ate some lunch and was happy nothing bad had happened. Then I am sitting here reading and I started to cry. I wondered what I was sad about? Then I realized the pain was back and quickly increasing. Weird. Wicked painful. Not liking this 😦

For supper, I had Hawaiian ice. Bubbles came up my throat like crazy. And they just keeping coming up…..

Doc appointment tomorrow. That should be interesting.