wnvlogoThe concept of how many years has gone by is always difficult for me. I have often wondered if it’s related to my difficulty knowing right and left? Or remembering faces? Or any other of my peculiarities like that? Anyway…it has been 4 years and 11 days since the dang West Nile carrying mosquito bit me. Does that mean I am at the beginning of 4 years? Like a kid turning 4? It has been…..

127,180,800 seconds   OR
2,119,680 minutes   OR
35,328 hours   OR
1472 days   OR
210 weeks and 2 days   OR
403.29% of a common year (365 days)


It’s amazing that a tiny little mosquito can wreak so much havoc on a human. It breaks my heart daily to read what other WNV survivors have been through and continue to experience. Many of the first people to get WNV in the United States, in 1999, and up to now, are still sick and damaged. For those of us who got neurological symptoms, WNV is forever.



Soooo….I went to see the NP who says everything wrong with me is from lupus, Crohn’s, myasthenia gravis and fibrosis. He went back and forth about the nodule on my right leg. At first he thought it was calcium, then he decided it’s another form of fibrosis. He also says I really need a neuro to sort out the neurological systems. He was glad I am seeing the dermatologist, endocrinologist and new to me neuro because I sure am complicated. You think???? He wants me to re-ask my questions to them, to see what they say. He also wants copies of the records. I’m touched that he cares. Usually it’s me dragging paperwork in and trying to convince someone in that office to make copies. I desperately want some doc to look at me as a whole person. He re-upped my scripts for Medrol and Plaquenil and prescribed Proctofoam for the anal fissure. It’s another form of steroid. I forgot to tell him I was also getting a mammogram this month.


What I really, really, really want is enough strength to do laundry and buy a few groceries at Rancho Market and/or Costco. I need onions, zucchini and fruits. I wonder if I will have energy this week or next? I sure felt pretty crummy this morning.

I took that as a challenge once I wrote it. I gathered up all my laundry and went to the laundromat. I need clean clothes for all the doc appointments this week. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My belly feels like someone kicked it a bunch of times, but that’s way less painful than eating! Lots of bending and reaching to do laundry from a power chair.


This morning I got a call from the door. I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting anyone. It was a delivery guy. He and the gift giver made Olive a very happy cat. She got a bag of kitty food and went cat wild 🙂

Then as I was all loaded up with laundry, I open the door and find 3 more packages! I got some organic strawberry syrup from Terri O. In other packages I got a big shirt that fits over my hernia, a sleep mask and 2 chill-it neckbands. I had enough presence of mind to get the flame neckband wet to wear outside, but like a real duffus, I did not take the new shirt to the laundromat. I was so excited that I was flustered! Thank you nice people 🙂

Now I still have a bed covered in clean laundry. As usual, it about wiped me out to take the fitted sheet off and put a new one on. I still haven’t got enough energy to hang clothes or put on pillowcases. Maybe later….