I got all excited to have temps in the 90’s instead of 100’s, but it’s not much different at 97 than it is at 100 degrees. I feel like this bear looks. I don’t want to be awake and I don’t want to be asleep. I feel blah and yucky. I have hardly any energy. I am too hot all day and the air pollution hurts me 24/7. Day after day after day I breathe bad air, full of chemicals. It hurts to eat, I feel nauseous when I don’t eat. I am stuck in the summer doldrums. There is no wind in my sails.

I shot up insulin, took my morning meds, ate a pb&j sandwich and went back to bed. It was freezing in here and I woke up hot and sweaty. The lupus fever just won’t let up. The insides of me are not feeling well at all.

I spent the morning trying to feel better. I got dressed to take out garbage and recycling. I then sat around and yakked with several people. I had to keep coming back to my apartment to use the bathroom. I wanted to go get foam from the pharmacy, but could not seem to get very far from the bathroom. I gave up and rested in the A/C and tried to gather strength.

Just when I was thinking about going to the pharmacy, I got a call at 3:42 PM from someone who wanted to visit. I did not feel like hanging out in moldy air, so ended up spending at least a couple of hours inside by the door, and then went outside and waited for several more hours. I waited around exactly 6 hours and came back to my apartment. What was that all about??? I sure heard a lot of apartment gossip in 6 hours! I also got a raging headache.


I got 2 packages today!!! 🙂 A bra that I plan to wear to the doc’s office…from Terri O and my kid sent me new Birkenstocks. Yes! All this time I thought I could no longer walk in shoes. It must have been the fault of the unevenly worn soles of my old Birks. The new sandals are comfy 🙂 I haven’t tried the bra on yet. That requires more strength than I had today. Thank you kind peeps! 🙂


Every time I hang out with the gossipers, I swear I will never do it again. I did find out that a man who lives here was expected to die today 😦 He was taken to the hospital and listed in critical condition. Then, the man who was staying here who tried to commit suicide is already out of the hospital and is recovering at a relative’s home. And…it turns out the registered sex offender who got out of jail is not the guy I thought. He’s a man who seems nice. Hmmmmm…..most things in the world remain confusing.

There was a homicide near where I used to go get free food in the park….between there and Smith’s 😮 We all wondered why a cop car went racing to the top of the parking garage, and then later, another cop car cruised through the parking lot. I got up to close and lock my windows! Looks like they updated the story to say a person is now in custody.

Almost midnight and I am finally hungry. I hope it won’t hurt to eat. I’ve been avoiding food most of the day.


Hah! It wasn’t until just now that I realized Olive looks a lot like the tired bear! 🙂