From artist Rose Kelly “Prednizone”

All that extra steroid dosage flowing through me sure made me hyper! I was not able to go to bed until 4:30 AM and only slept 4 hours. It was not a restful sleep. I got dressed and went out to recycle the humongous cardboard box that came from Amazon yesterday. I took that opportunity to talk to the manager about the mold, AGAIN. I could smell mold on my temple clothing bag. That’s new. It’s colonizing around the apartment 😦 I also told him about all the new spiders. He said there is supposed to be a screen between my A/C unit and the outside. I told him there wasn’t one there the two times the unit was removed….it was just a hole to the outside. He rolled his eyes.

Last night the daughter of the guy who died upstairs was up there crashing around until midnight. Apparently she is pissed off at her father for dying. I was glad to hear it was her, and not the noise from a new tenant moving in. But….a woman in a chair, with lots of relatives might be the one moving in 😦 I have heard it’s not pleasant to live underneath her. In the past, she was moved to the apartment above the sewing room and pool table because she was too noisy to be above people. Dang. I want a nice, quiet, disabled wheelchair user….like the guy that died.


I had a 1.5 hour nap and woke up abruptly because once again, my sinuses opened up so much that the oxygen and forced CPAP air hurt. It only got worse once I got up. Smells like some sort of chemical was sprayed in or near my apartment 😦 I have been wicked bad allergic for hours now and have used almost a whole box of kleenexes. When my sinuses are open, allergens hit the inside of my nose and then I am full of allergic snot….then my sinuses open again and the cycle just goes around and around. A lesser version of the chest pain keeps coming and going, too.

I have been reading and rereading the medical records I got yesterday. I have a high BUN/Creatinine ratio, high white blood cell count, high red cell distribution width, high neutrophils, high insulin-like growth factor, high myelocytes, high promyelocytes, high microalbumin/creatinine ratio and borderline low thyroxine T4, free, direct. Surprisingly, despite 5000 iu/day of vitamin D, I am still only 50. Normal is 30 to 100. Although I looked up all those things individually, I don’t know what they mean for ME.

I look beat up. The frozen keratoses are sloughing off and then I accidentally itch them. I got bruised in the ER. I’m a bit worried about the spot with the ring around it. The fluid filled bubble popped in the ER…a place full of nasty germs. There are other similar spots of all kinds, but I cannot reach to take pics.

I feel really awful today. I hurt in unexpected places all over my body. I remember yelling ow, ow, ow! in the ER and someone telling me to say where it hurt. Ha! It’s like when I have had strokes or MG spells in the past. Part of my brain has a vague understanding of what’s going on around me, but I’m not with-it enough to think or respond. Every time that happens to me, the part of my brain that works finds it fascinating. They did a lot of things to me in the ER that it’s probably best not to remember. I do remember a guy picking up and pushing hard on my boob. Later I found 4 sticky things under my breast that wires were hooked to. Today I’m pretty tender there. I want to know what they did to my head??? It feels bruised all over….and something is wrong with my neck. OW! I don’t want to see any more docs for a loooooooong time!