As the day goes on, I feel heavier and heavier. Like a hot horseshoe melting through 3 feet of snow. I feel like I am sinking into the abyss.

Bad things are happening to my head. It feels like an electrical storm, with lightning bolts hitting here and there…then ripples like reverberating thunder. Intense pain that turns off my vision and hearing.

It’s coming back like just before the ER. I am feverish and queasy. Wow. It’s like a lightning bolt just hit my whole body. My arms and legs were flailing.

Well….after that, I put on oxygen and CPAP and fell asleep. Like yesterday, I only slept an hour and a half and woke up with raw, naked, painful feeling sinuses and then spent the next half hour blowing my nose.

last of sun

I was going to spend a quiet evening at home, but my allergies were making me miserable. I got dressed and wheeled it to the store. I already take generic Zyrtec, but it’s not touching my allergies. I was psyched that Smith’s was having a sale on generic Benadryl. I got 100 pills for $3.79. I took 2. I can feel the sleepiness creeping up on me. Good 🙂


I’ve been having more electrical storms in my head. I just want to sleep through them. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…….