When I first moved to Arizona, I had allergies like this. Nothing made them better…even a Kenalog injection. Here I am on steroids, Zyrtec and Benadryl and am going through more than a box of kleenexes a day. I can only breathe through my mouth. It’s worst when standing and try to breathe through my nose. There’s more of whatever it is near the ceiling. My nostrils and sinuses are super sensitive. I have been sneezing and coughing all night and day. Every single cough rips my hernia 😦

Screenshot 2016-08-14 at 9.32.27 PM


At 4 PM, the temperature was 99 outside. I gave up pouring water all over me, shut the window and put on the A/C. I never know if it will help my allergies or make them worse. Once it got cold in here, I wanted the window open again. The outside air is full of ozone, mold, grass and tree pollen, plus there is the smoke from 10 big wildfires. Inside it’s the mold and some strange chemical. My poor lungs 😦 Twice I have had to empty the trash basket near my chair….because it was full of tissues. My nose and lips are taking a beating from all that nose blowing.


I’m concerned because my blood sugar has remained stubbornly high today, despite shooting up more insulin that I feel comfortable with. I suspect it’s from infection. I already had a high white blood cell count before the dermatologist froze the keratosis spots. Now they look bad 😦


This has been a tough day. Feels like I pulled belly muscles from coughing. Not feeling well at all. Someone reminded me that Plaquenil can cause myasthenic crisis. My Florida MG doc took me off Plaquenil because it doesn’t play well with MG. I heard he had 4 people in the hospital in crisis all at once lately thanks to Plaquenil. Sigh….it’s making my lupus better! I’ve been thinking that I should be a heck of a lot better on all these steroids. Maybe the Plaquenil is now cancelling it out? Lupus and MG go together for quite a few people. Can I opt out of one or all of my diseases? I want to know what’s giving me sweaty eyelids. I feel like a disaster about to happen. Yucky all over!