I went to Trader Joe’s, then to Smith’s. I very slowly went around both stores and looked at almost everything. It was really hard to find anything that I wanted to eat. I looked at every possible sort of frozen prepared food, fresh prepared foods, fresh ingredients, canned foods….you name it. At Smith’s, there were bags of chopped salads that included crunchies, cheese and salad dressing. I got a 2 serving bag of the Mediterranean chopped salad for 99 cents, marked down. In the deli department, there were some Kroger Select deli roast beef and deli sliced turkey on sale for $1.99. I got one of each. For lunch I had half the salad with some chopped roast beef. I also got 2 packages of 2 each vegetable kabobs for .49 pkg. I’m going to use the veggies in something. I love good stuff on sale 🙂


At TJ’s, I bought my usual 2 bananas. Then I decided to try a bottle of avocado oil. At home, I chopped up a head of garlic and sautéed it in avocado oil. I decided I was full of cooties and needed to purge them. I hope it works 🙂


Today was scary! My eye was only slightly drooped, so I did not expect to be so weak. I could not reach up for my hand towel and then in Smith’s, I had to get out of my chair to use the bathroom. Ohhhh, my gosh! It felt like I had 50 pound leg weights on each side. I could just barely pick up my feet enough to walk. I felt like I could easily slip into myasthenic crisis. I’m pretty much always dizzy and short of breath.


I am having 2 muscle pains I have never felt before. The big back muscle that moves my arm has been having these paralyzing cramps that hurt deep down and take my breath away. On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 10 for a few seconds. Then there’s the same sort of pain, only smaller in my left lower belly/abdomen. It, too is a 10, but sharper. It seems like this is related to my ER visit because my left arm keeps going numb from it. I’m not really sure which muscle it is.

I got an email from the wheelchair guy. He did not even know the repair guy took the leg rests away 12 days ago. I first contacted him July 22nd to say my new power chair was basically a piece of crap. Obviously no one is in a hurry to help me. I asked for a whole different, better power chair configuration.


Then while I was shopping, the Medtronics rep called. I missed the call. She said insurance has OK’d the pump. When I got home, I called back and got her voicemail. I left a message with my shipping address and confirmed I want the pink insulin pump. She had asked what supplies I need. All I could say was I had no idea what I will need since I have never used one before. I forgot who, but someone is supposed to teach me how to do all this. Next time I hope I get a real person to talk to.

I’ve been feverish all day. My darn eyelids keep sweating. I want to know what the heck causes that….and why? Also, I have the intermittent thunderstorm type headaches still. When it’s happening, I can feel bumps all over my head. The “lightning” goes from bump to bump.

Must be time to go to bed!