Olive tried valiantly to wake me up. I was conscious enough to be aware that something was wrong with me, but I could not move or open my eyes. It felt like this went on for hours. I have no way of knowing. When I did wake up, I was extremely weak and shaking all over. I wasn’t so sure I could even make it to the bathroom holding onto my walker with all my strength. My head was in some other-worldly place. I was able to grab something sweet from the fridge and go sit down. It took an hour and a half to quit shaking. I’m finally able to think again. Ummmmmm…..that was awful 😦

the look

Looks like I am not the only one having a bad day. A silent ambulance along with the red vehicle of death just showed up. That usually means someone has died or will any minute now. There are people here that look like the living dead that are expected to die soon. I have not kept up with mentioning all the deaths this summer. We’ve been dropping like flies. Pretty much the whole summer, we have had high ozone every day. Lots of wildfire smoke, cigarette smoke, strange chemicals and this place has an almost non-existent ventilation system. It’s a place of death.


Besides my upstairs neighbor, another guy died. The rumor is that he was full of cancer. He leaves behind a wife that doesn’t speak much, if any, English. The painfully thin woman upstairs is also dying of cancer. Then there’s a woman who got cured of her hep c and now looks like hell and acts funny. It sucks that death around here is rarely dignified. That’s for richer people.

Liberty Park

pond people

Saturday in the park


Well….writing that depressed me. Even though I was very weak and out-of-it, I decided to go out and about. I didn’t really need anything…I just wanted to escape. Then I stood up. Holy moly! Soooooooo dizzy! I had to keep a hold of things as I shed my nightgown and put on street clothes. First I went to Smith’s and looked around. I got a gallon of milk $1.99, small watermelon .88 and a loaf of oat bread $1.99. Then I went to Trader Joe’s. On the way, I was almost flattened by a shiny black Porsche. The guy never even saw me until he was almost touching me 😮 I was on the sidewalk, he was turning into a driveway.

scaratched by brush

Then over to Trader Joe’s for a banana .19, raspberries $2.79 and stir fry veggies $2.79. I decided since I was barely functioning, I should go toodle around some more 🙂 I headed for Liberty Park. On the way home from the park, I stopped and got a red bean mochi at the Asian store for $1.69. Maybe 4 blocks from home, I had to squeeze by brush that was obstructing the sidewalk. There’s no escape in a wheelchair. I wish I could punch homeowners who think it’s OK to not trim their landscaping! Dang, that hurt. It still stings. Lots of people figure they’re special. I regularly have to dodge cars on the sidewalk, toys, kids on bikes, opened gates, pets and people paying more attention to their cellphones than where they are going.

After putting away the food. I took a very cold shower with my nightgown on….for probably the tenth time today. Then I sit in front of the fan. I dry out way too fast and just keep doing that all day, day after day. I have been feverish for weeks. The weather forecasters were wrong for today. They said 80’s, we got 90’s. I knew it was too good to be true! The humidity has been between 12 and 22% today. No wonder I dry out too quick.

I tried to be a responsible adult and study more about my insulin pump and all the doo dads that go with it.