Hmmmm…..I took pics around the doc’s office. It’s on Foothill Drive. Golly gee…there are foothills right there! I wish I could have taken better pics of the mountains. Most of them came out with sun streaks.

I don’t get out much. This didn’t seem all that far from where I live, but it was a whole new world to me 🙂


I was particularly fascinated by the pointy mountain. Too bad I could not zoom further. The trees growing on it looked comical. They were each spaced far apart.


The other foothills weren’t pointy.


The foothills got flatter…but then the big mountains popped out to the right of this pic.


I liked the office right away when I saw the entrance.


I’ve always been a fan of viney purple things 🙂


It was like a private little world. Next to this was a waterfall fountain. Very pretty and peaceful 🙂

drymountain mountains

Wednesday I took pics of the foothills near downtown. They are very dry and brown…and naked.

When I get off at the 9th South TRAX station, there’s a community garden there. Sure looks like the height of summer. I liked the pea pod playground equipment 🙂

sunflower jungle big sunflower giant sunflower

Near my house are a few sunflowers taller than buildings!

This afternoon I had a shrink appointment. When I told him the nice stuff the gastro doc said, he agreed. Something about 9 out of 10 people end up bitter sourpusses when ill. He thinks I handle things well and am surprisingly happy. He says I am humble. Ha! I sure have everybody fooled! He was also surprised to hear that I had given up thoughts of leaving Utah or getting a van to travel. I decided I was going to make the best of it here. When the time came, that was an easy decision because it’s what I wanted…not something I was forced into. I love watching people’s faces 🙂 I did not give up my dreams…I created new ones.

Then the pharmacy came bearing gifts and then took my paper prescription for the Xifaxan. Soon after the delivery person was gone, I went out to get the mail. Nothing….so I went outside to hear the latest gossip. Two ambulances were here today. Joe, the manager is leaving for a job at another building. Someone brought in 40 cases of bbq potato chips to give away. Most of us have diabetes and we swapped stories about hypos. My favorite GP is transitioning from hands-on doc to administrative stuff. Rhett’s aunt called me. I called Rhett and left a message for him. In all things, life marches on. I am grateful that the world is always changing. It’s not always easy to change, but it keeps us on our toes 🙂



sunset reflection P1050302

Olive and I watched the sunset 🙂