I was talking to Brian through the window when my upper chest/shoulder area started swelling fast. He could see it from there. At first the swelling fit in my cupped hand. Then it spread up my neck.


It got numb, then hot, then itchy. My tongue has swollen on my left side. Even my earlobe swelled up and got hot.

swollen ear red

My whole left side is swollen, hot, prickly and a combo of painful and numb.


The numbness has moved down my entire arm and it’s affecting my speech from my half swollen tongue. Now the left side of my back is getting itchy and numb!


What the heck??? If it were an allergy, wouldn’t I be numb and swollen on both sides?

Brian wanted to call an ambulance, bring me ice, call the RA to look at me, etc. I made him go away 😛

Now the pain is trying to be like my last ER visit. The swollen left chest area is getting crushing chest pain. It’s not my heart. My swallowing is feeling tickly. I soooooo don’t know what to do. It’s certainly not bad enough to call 911…but it is scary.

Anybody even have a clue what body part to call it for Googling? Any idea what’s swollen? Ha! And I thought my main problem was MG today!


I was trying to take a pic of the swollenness on the back of my head. Instead I got a pic of my sparse hair. I had no idea so much hair had fallen out.

scary lump

This is the best pic for seeing the swollen part of my chest/neck/shoulder. What do you think? Geeze….with my reading glasses on and that particular look…I can see a resemblance to other members of my family.