Another day of fire trucks and ambulances. I longingly looked at the ambulance and wished I could get rescued. No sooner did one convoy leave, then the next 2 fire trucks and an ambulance arrived. The ambulance roared off with sirens blazing. Something is very wrong with the air here today 😦 Geezum crow! The third squad just came and went! This is getting ridiculous. I watched the 4th call of the day fire truck slow down and miss our road as the guy in the passenger seat pointed at us. The ambulance was right behind. Since they came through the parking lot, the ambulance door was pointed towards my window. I watched the person be loaded in. Not sure who it was. Along with the ambulance, there was a big pick-up truck that said supervisor for the ambulance company. I think it’s time someone investigated what’s going on inside this building!


There’s a breathing test for myasthenia gravis. On a good day, I usually can only make it to 13….unless I have just had IV Solumedrol or IVIg 🙂 Today it’s tough to get to 5. The smell of the garbage in the can was getting to me. I took out trash and recycling. My left eye slammed shut when I opened the gate. Tossing stuff into the bins made me profoundly weak. I could no longer talk, I could just barely control my chair with the joystick. People wanted to know what was wrong. As per usual me….I fled back to my apartment. I then sprayed cold water all over me and sat in front of the fan to dry…with the A/C on. That almost always helps to some extent. The colder a person with MG can get, the better…sort of.


I wish I felt better. I am still having pain and swelling on my left side. It’s most likely swollen lymphs and parotids…as usual….but there’s more to it that I cannot figure out. It must be some conjunction of infection and MG….and pick a few diseases from column B. Infections are usually what nudges me towards crisis. I’m SOB sitting perfectly still 😦 Today my boobs weigh a bazillion pounds. I realized if I lift them up, I can breathe better….but I’m too weak to do that for more than a few seconds. They are pushing on my diaphragm. I forgot what it’s like to be this weak.

I am not doing well at all. Breathing is tough stuff. I have tried to get engrossed in music or solitaire or reading, etc. I only forget the struggle for a few minutes, even though I always feel the pain. I have muscle fatigue equivalent to doing a marathon….while doing absolutely nothing.