From the 23andme blog….You probably know how many siblings you have or the number of first cousins. But do you know how many 2nd cousins you have? Does 38 sound reasonable? What about the number of 3rd, 4th, or 5th cousins? The answer may surprise you. Under a simple model where a family has 2-3 children, you would have 190 third cousins, 940 fourth cousins and a whopping 4,700 fifth cousins. Going back to 8th cousins (or 9 generations back to a common ancestor), the model we developed predicts you would have over half a million 8th cousins!

MyHeritage DNA Matches has found 470 DNA matches to my DNA. Those people have thousands and thousands of people in their family trees. I am being inundated with relatives! Interesting stuff. I wish I had better powers of concentration. It’s hard to read much before my brain is toast.

That’s more fun to talk about that than my appointment today. I went to see a dietitian/nutritionist. It was a nuthouse in the waiting room. I think it wins first prize for my most chaotic waiting room experience, ever. There were 4 of us in wheelchairs, yet no empty spaces to park. And many of the seats were full of people. Several folks were having insurance problems…so they were going back and forth to the front desk. One woman was on 2 cellphones at once, plus talking on the office’s phone. There was also a pharmaceutical rep hanging out. Too much noise! Too many people!


So I get in to see the nutritionist 45 minutes later. She read over the paperwork she had me fill out. She was stunned when she realized all that’s wrong with me. To make a long story short, she decided it’s best for me to eat when I am OK and forget it when I’m not. She thinks I should just do the best with the time I have left and try not to stress. That made me cry, but I felt much better afterwards.

Since this is the hospital with Costco between me and it, I stopped at Costco on the way home. I bought something new to me….salmon dip. Haven’t tasted it yet. I am waaaaaaaaay too queasy. Lately the best food is already made and squishy. It’s hard to swallow just about everything.

Dang killer headache has my whole head swollen up. Also my belly and left leg are quite swollen. I don’t know how so many parts of me can hurt so bad. I only weighed 2 pounds more than 3 weeks ago, but I feel swollen with way more than that much extra fluid. My left foot gets deep, long lasting dents when I stick my finger into it. I can feel the fluid pushing on my lungs and my hands keep alternating between skinniness from the blood disappearing thanks to Raynaud’s….then huge sausage fingers thanks to MCTD. It was in the 50’s this morning! I had almost forgotten what Raynaud’s was like. Brrrr….it felt really good….except for the fingers and toes hurting.


I need to very seriously reconsider all the stupid medical appointments. Most are absolutely worthless to me. Such a waste of time! I’m going to try to talk about that with all of my providers. If there’s nothing that can be done to give me a better quality of life, it’s just dumb, dumb, dumb. Can you tell I’m getting burned out? The nutritionist asked me what I would want the most. I said IVIg and at least twice as much SNAP to buy food. I am being wrecked by the meds I need to take because of being poor and because I’m not getting IVIg. She thought I should move to a nicer state. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Most of my docs have been saying that for years. How about some activism so the lives of Utahans doesn’t suck?!?!?!


Ever since the gut doctor, I have been getting more and more cynical. I sense that his compliments were just marketing strategy. I don’t want to be a remarkable martyr. I want to be fiesty…both good and bad! I don’t want to even know people who admire being docile!


Well, you get the idea. I’m not feeling like being compliant right now. I need better reasons to go along with what random doctors suggest than just the fact that they went to med school so they could have plenty of money when they grew up.