I just had an hour-long appointment with my NP. He is referring me to hospice. He says he has no way of knowing how long I will live or which one of my conditions will kill me, but it’s time to get into hospice. Yes, I cried, but it was a very humongous burden lifted off me. We spent the rest of the hour joking around about all the things wrong with me. I guess you’d have to be there to understand what’s so funny πŸ™‚


He finds it remarkable how many health challenges that I have in one body. Me, too! I am being switched from Motrin toΒ Diclofenac, also known as Voltaren. They were able to get me brand name Mestinon Timespan instead of the hated generic! I got a script for Flonase. My Medrol was upped from 24 mg to 32 mg….which is the same as 40 mg of prednisone.


It seems perverse to be glad to be put in hospice, but I am actually thrilled….I think. In theory I should be able to get a lot more help with my daily challenges. I am not wanting to keep going to so many docs….but the NP told me I still have to see all the specialists. Sigh….


It feels good to be free. I want to concentrate on living until I die. I’m tired of focusing on dying a little each day.