Every time I go to the hospital where my endocrinologist is, I stare at the Historic Gardner TRAX stop and wonder about the place. After my doc appointment, I got off TRAX and explored. I was in heaps of pain and this place helped me forget it. I took lots of pics….and I am going to put them all up so I can remember today.

I had little idea of what to expect…so you are seeing the place like I did….figuring it out along the way. The only building I went in was the bakery. I got a peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwich. It’s the only thing I have eaten today. The endocrinologist said my blood sugars were good….so I celebrated by raising them. Snicker….

While I sat in the picnic pavilion, I saw a praying mantis climbing a wall, so I took its pic.

This place is populated by mostly well-to-do tourists, old women and mothers with little kids. Very quaint and peaceful atmosphere. No rabble-rousers in sight. I almost never am in a place with that demographic. I both fit in and was an outsider. Interesting.

traxstop mountains down-by-the-river mill-stones tree water brook straw tent

soccer farm-stuff sheepwagon old-wagon witches flowerybike windmill log-socks whimsy

pumphouse lot dandy quackers calm wind-up singer witchy wagon-wheel-tree

picnic mining-car bridge apples chocolate costumes bead-farm cabin relax

sculpture bootique twig-fence signage back-tower shopaholics teeny-tys nook halloween-banner

pond tank water-wagon in-picnic-area swing bell ice-cream-sandwich praying-mantis pastries

tike-farm seats witchypoo village shy wall glimpse picturesque brigemt

seat mountaincreek creek quaint spoiled old-fashioned-flowers roses quiet-corner bedding-store