With at least 14 big fires and lots more smaller ones, the air is soooo hard to breathe! The graphic for pollen on TV showed 2 things high and 2 very high. They did not update the graphic on their website, though. With that and the usual nasty valley air for SLC, plus the cigarette smoke of this building……gasp, choke, wheeze….


I managed to use a box of tissues yesterday and another today. My poor nose and lips! I have used lots of chapstick and lotion, but have lost that battle. All my bandanas that I blow my nose on are waiting in the laundry basket. With my hernia ripping at an accelerated rate, I’m scared to do my laundry. I’m too weak, anyway. I always wanted an exoskeleton so I could get stuff done. I also need a bionic throat and the exoskeleton had better be good at holding up my head. And I need bionic lungs. Tomorrow I get hooked up to my bionic pancreas. I wish I had a bionic stomach and intestines. Ugh….misery. I haven’t been good for much Saturday and Sunday. I have been a chair and bed potato. I just realized Heather and the kids will have to adjust to my lack of couch. I use all the space for my two power wheelchairs. I hope I can be livelier for their visit than I feel right now. I hardly qualify as a vegetable. I don’t even have enough air to sing along with all the good songs.


Brian shows up at my window many times a day. I only realize what crummy shape I’m in when I try to talk to him. After just a few words, my eyelid slams shut and my voice gets broken. That’s pretty wimpy when talking and breathing are just too hard. Sigh….I let Olive take over the entertaining of guests 😛


I don’t know what to do about the creep towards myasthenic crisis. It seems like I need more and more steroids to get a smaller and smaller benefit. I have the neurologist appointment this week. That has the potential to be a really good or really awful experience.


I actually look way better than I feel 🙂 I’m surprised! I often wonder why my window talker doesn’t go somewhere else when I feel like crap. Apparently I look OK enough 😛 Everybody here is used to my voice not working.


You can click on this to see a larger version. Good thing I’m not a guy…I would probably have prostate cancer, too. Usually I put up charts from Promethease, but my subscription ran out. These charts are from Codegen, which is a free service for interpreting raw DNA data. It’s interesting to see what they have to say…and how.


Somehow it’s already after midnight. The sprinklers come on in front of my window to let me know. Isn’t this a pretty pic of Utah after midnight?