It’s too bad that neither Medicaid or Medicare is willing to pay for a continuous glucose monitor for anyone. I had been hoping one would save me from low blood sugars and help moderate the high number days. That would be too sensible…right?

At least I got the meter that wirelessly transmits my blood sugar readings to the pump. When I test, I have to manually tell my pump to accept the reading, then I input how many carbs I am going to eat and the pump figures out how much Humalog that I need and slowly injects it in to me.

The pump trainer did all the math and set the pump so it gives me a background dose of insulin every hour. I, of little medical faith, was skeptical. When I tested my blood while the trainer was here, it was 145 around 2:30 PM. Because I had already shot up Lantus that morning, she suspended the background insulin injections for a certain number of hours. Last night and this morning were the first times I did not shoot up Lantus, which is long acting insulin. I had to hide the needles in the closet because I kept reaching for them.

In the evening, I ate after inputting my carb count. It was 156 before food and 189 2 hours later. When I woke up this morning, I was at 76. I explained to the nurse that I can be high all day, then drop like a rock when asleep. I think it’s because steroids make me go high, gastroparesis makes me stay high and then I relax in my sleep. Who knows?

I am testing “too often” in the beginning so I can understand what’s going on. I can still use my old meter, then manually add my blood sugar numbers to the pump. That way I can use up the already paid for strips while I am waiting to get a supply of the fancy meter’s strips. 25 minutes after bolusing for breakfast, I felt weird and tested my blood sugar again, just to see what was going on. I was all the way up to 86 🙂 Two hours after eating, I was 106. Perfect!


So far, it’s working amazingly well for my first real day on only fast acting insulin. Hopefully I will continue to take better control of my blood sugar as I learn.

Food is such a conundrum! Nothing looks good any more. I have to force myself to eat anything but ice cream and berries. And then once I eat just about anything, my guts go into screaming pain. What a drag 😦 There’s no way in heck I am going to be able to eat balanced meals…not even close.  All it takes is a few bites and I’m in agony.

The next interesting result will be seeing if the Xifaxan makes any difference. I took my first one of 42 550 mg tablets this morning. Any relief for gut pain and gastroparesis would be welcome!

I found a new freedom with more precise blood sugar control. I can eat the darn ice cream and berries, dose for it and that’s that 🙂 I have been losing my butt at an alarming rate! I suspected it back when sitting started to get so painful. Then I could feel my left butt cheek smaller than the right. Now they are both much smaller. Each time I put on my around-the-house shorts, they have been looser. Now they fall off in a few steps. Maybe I am getting my wish after all! Perhaps I will get skinnier before dying 🙂 You have no idea how much that makes me happy 🙂

I sure don’t look thinner! My neck has disappeared and my hernia gets larger by the minute. Also, I have a really pointy shelf of fat just above my butt cheeks. I figure that must be a counterbalance for the hernia. Looks funny 😛 It’s a good thing that I find my brain and body fascinating….no matter what they are doing. Today my sandals are way huge on me. For some reason I unswelled. Yippeeeeee!


Pffffttt….brain doesn’t work. I was going to go look at vacuums up close and personal. I went to Smith’s Marketplace. When inside I could not remember what I was doing there. I wandered around the store, trying to figure it out. I bought a $1 bottle of chocolate milk. When I get outside, I still had no idea where I was going, so went to Trader Joe’s. I looked at pre-made foods that I might want to eat. I was thinking sushi, but I got a package with 2 shrimp spring rolls. I thought maybe I should try some veggies in small amounts.

I then went to the park and ate. When I got there, it was breezy and pleasant. After I ate, there was another cannonball in my stomach 😦 I looked around the park, kept feeling worse and went home. I won’t eat another spring roll. It looked so dang good! I remember why I eat ice cream and berries. Stupid gut pain! I also forgot to take any pictures. Sigh….

Then I got a call from a home health and hospice representative. He said my doc contacted them, but they don’t take my insurance, so gave my name to another company. Apparently the other company doesn’t take my insurance either. The guy was very apologetic and said how awful it was that no one has been here yet. He offered to call around until he found somebody. I took his name and said I’d let him know. I don’t want it to be like the wheelchair debacle, with 2 companies vying for my business, yet no one got much done. I told him I wanted to talk to my doc first. He insisted he would do the work between doc and hospice. I said no thanks. He must get a finder’s fee. So….I will try to contact my doc tomorrow and find out what the story is. Nothing is ever easy, is it?