I don’t know what changed. Not only am I very weak, but my thinking has gone down the tubes. The highlight of my day was throwing out the old vacuum and recycling the new box. After that, I was too weak to even think. I’m not sure where the day went.

I stuck a note on my door and asked the pharmacy to put the insulin in my fridge. Then I fell asleep. Hours later, the phone woke me up. It took hours more until I was strong enough to get dressed and go look in the community room fridge. They never even came to my apartment. Oh, well. At least they left it somewhere.

Half a dozen people saw me and looked horrified. Yes, I look and feel that bad. My voice is quite broken and the rest of me isn’t far behind. I have not been able to hold a thought for more than a few seconds. I can type better than I can do anything.

People’s pity sobered me up. I hope I kept my face bland, but I cried all the way back to my place. I prefer denying the inevitable. Maybe I will feel better tomorrow?