Well, not OK at first, but after meds and a banana I started to perk up. Then the floor installers showed up. Lots of hammering and dragging and dropping things above my head. Then every 5 seconds, a screw going into the floor. I decided no matter how weird I felt, I was going to go somewhere else.


When I first woke up, my neck could hardly flex. It was swollen up tight. As I sat around watching the news and doing diabetes stuff, my neck felt better. Each angle shows a bit different view of my swollen neck and creepy empty looking eyes 😮


Like I keep saying, my neck gets bigger daily. It’s swallowing my face. It’s hard to keep my mouth closed. It just sort of hangs open and droops. I got dressed and when I opened my apartment door, I could see the flooring guys outside. I asked them about how long it would take to finish the floor. They said all day. I had already checked the hourly weather, which predicted rain at 2 PM. I needed to be back around that time anyways.

clouds pouffy-clouds

These pics are from 2 different sides of the same TRAX station! I was feeling the zombie thing coming back while on the train. Oh, oh!


Even though I look funny, I don’t look anywhere’s near as bad as I feel.


I got off at 9th and the raindrops soon started. This pic is the same block as where I got off at the 9th TRAX station. My neck was getting even more painfully swollen.


By the time I got home, I was very, very weak and dizzy. It was difficult to toddle to the bathroom and back. I could not raise my arms enough to reach the towel. My throat was having zillions of fasciculations, my mouth was watering non-stop and I was not always able to swallow. It felt like myasthenic crisis. Then I got numb down the middle so my whole left side was affected 😮 Not this again!


My eye would slam shut, then open, then close. I had a bazillion quivers, twitches, zaps and zings going on in my entire body. It was getting harder and harder to breathe. I was wondering if I was going to suffocate or choke to death.


That’s when I went to my MG group for support. I told them what was going on. I asked for friendship and support. I got that…and lots of prayers. By the time my counselor got here, I was not doing well at all. It was worse than yesterday at the doc’s. I needed to take a breath in for every word or two. The dizziness was disorienting. He said my skin was turning funny colors from lack of circulation. Everything was hard to do.


I started to tell him about my near death experience 32 years ago. It was sooooooooo hard to talk with my broken voice, swallowing problems, lack of strength, numbness, and all that. A storm was blowing in. He jumped up and closed my window before the blinds blew away. It was getting dark in here and the wind was a big swirl. The sky was steely gray with patches even darker. As I told him about going towards the light and how that made me feel when Heather was born, there was a burst of light in the clouds that I just could not take my eyes off. Dan said the light came in here and he could feel the spirit. There was no mistaking God’s presence. I instantly felt better. I started to tell him I was better. My voice was perfect. I could breathe just fine. I was no longer weak. My neck bent in all directions.


I’m glad I was not alone for that! I needed his point of view to make sure I wasn’t just crazy. I often pray that God will use my experiences to help other people. There must be a reason he was supposed to be here for that. We are both LDS and have the same beliefs. There were other profound things we talked about. It was one of the most powerfully miraculous experiences of my life. I was talking about Heather when the light came from the clouds. I was telling him how I chose to come back to be her mother.


The whole time I was taking pics of myself today, I wondered what that was about. I thought perhaps it would be the last pics. My eyes looked so dead in all of them that it creeped me out. I just took a pic of me now that I feel better. Now the picture taking makes more sense. I don’t know about you, but I sure have a different look about me now!


I went back to my support group to tell them what happened while Dan was here. I read all the expressions of friendship and prayers they left for me. That’s when it hit me. That’s what happened! All of those people were praying for me. God heard them and blessed me with another day. My weakness has been replaced with goosebumps and shivers. I am sure Dan is feeling the same. It must have been freaky and miraculous to watch what happened to me and feel what we both felt. Prayer is powerful stuff! Ummmmmmmm…..wow!


Now that I am starting to look around at the rest of the world….oh, my gosh! Tornadoes, power outages, floods…and more. While I was talking, Utah was hit by all sorts of weather. Gulp. Photos: Tornado & severe storm damage across Utah