It rained pretty hard last night. I slept through it ๐Ÿ™‚ The clouds will clear out later today. When I saw the first glimpse of blue sky this afternoon, I could not stop smiling. We needed the rain, though. Before it came along, we only had 8″ so far this year.


It was announced that a man I had talked to online a few days ago is now dead. He had West Nile Virus. Unfortunately, his experience with healthcare was almost identical to mine. He kept being sent home from the ER. They basically told him to suck it up and endure. Well, he tried. They did give him IVIg, but it sounds like they just gave up after one infusion. I’m not sure if I have this right, but I think he was a pilot in his 40’s…and he was in good shape until he got bit by that #$%^&!! mosquito. Dang! I’m still here and he’s dead. I feel so bad for his girlfriend ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


I think a lot about my purpose here on earth. This week/month/season has been plenty dramatic. I was in the ER twice due to numbness that seemed like a stroke, I was in very bad shape a few times when people were around to observe. Each time I have just as dramatically gotten better. This old body has always had a miraculous penchant for self-healing. It wasn’t my time to go.

Friday I spent my time calmly sitting around, trying to rest and relax. I was surprised every minute of the day that I was still here and in much better shape than I ever thought I would be again. Today the falling feeling has come back….and with it, the debilitating dizziness and heavy, heavy arms and legs. It’s always anybody’s guess if I will get better or worse.


Today is iffy again. I have been feeling dizzy just sitting here. I decided to take out garbage and recycling. A nice woman I didn’t know heaved it all in the dumpsters for me. We stayed out there and talked. Then another woman came over with her stuff to toss and we were all talking. Good thing I’m already in a wheelchair! The hyper woman said I turned bright white, my eyes fluttered and I looked like I was losing consciousness. I lost the ability to speak. The women freaked out big time. I made it back to my apartment. Not feeling too with-it. At least my life is not boring! ๐Ÿ˜›

Ohhhhhhh, my gosh!!!! It happened again!!!!!! I was extremely dizzy, in and out of consciousness when my neighbor came to check on me. I could see about 8 of her and couldn’t even say a whole word with one breath. News travels fast here. The people who saw me almost lose consciousness and lose my voice in the parking lot told a bunch more people. The resident busy body called up her friend and was all shook up that an ambulance had not come for me….so she wanted her friend to come see if I was OK.

light-from-heavenIt was hard for me to talk and really hard to be understood. I started to very brokenly, between gasps for air, tell her about the near death story I had told my friend on Thursday. I put my arms up and made a circle with my fingers to show her where the light had pierced through the clouds and landed on me. It did it again!!! Right in front of this woman, the light burst in, my breathing and voice went back to normal, my face undrooped, color came back to my skin and I was better than I had felt all day! I about went into hysterics. I was laughing and crying and in total awe. The woman watching all this was stunned. We talked for a half hour and she went home a different person than when she got here.

helping-othersI guess that was to prove to me it was all very real the first and second times. This woman is teetering near the edge of death herself. I think she needed to see this. Words just aren’t adequate….


Faith in God is where it’s at ๐Ÿ™‚ Then tonight I was watching President Dieter F. Uchtdorf give a talk for LDS Women’s Conference. His words about faith gave me major goosebumps. I was looking up in the sky where the light burst through twice. As if on cue, at that very moment, a dozen honking geese flew directly over me. Talk about goosebumps! They are the first flock of the season that I have seen orย heard.


Another thing….I have been thinking a lot about the signs for the second coming of Christ. Earthquakes have been increasing in frequency and intensity…as have hurricanes and cyclones and all sorts of things. I reread this lesson a few times, which has my favorite picture at the top. What a goosebumpy day!ย Signs of the Second Coming