At least this time I only slept through half of the day. Lately there has been a lot of commotion in the parking lot in the middle of the night. I woke up at 3 AM because someone was messing with the dumpsters. I tried to go back to sleep, but my guts were very not happy. I got up, opened the windows and pretended it was morning. In the wee hours, my window stalker showed up. He said he was woken up by the dumpster shenanigans, too. He said it was a guy throwing chunks of pavement in the dumpster. Makes sense. It was loud! So who was the guy and why was he doing that? One of those mysteries of the universe.

The guy who would go out and steal things from cars and homes all night, then park in front of my windows at 3 AM, was caught stealing from cars here and is now in jail. He has been doing it here for 3 years. It’s about time. As soon as one crazy gets caught, multiple people come along to fill their place. Sigh…..

So, I stayed awake around 3 hours, went back to bed and slept until noon. I felt a heck of a lot better when I woke up that time 🙂 But….my guts have been unhappy all day. I am going to have to eat some solid food. I ate up all my ice cream and berry mix. Darn. I know where I’m going to shop if I feel OK tomorrow!


I have forgotten both things at different times. Grrrrrrr….

It seemed to take the rest of the day to shower and dress. I had a hard time with my insulin pump sets….the part that goes in my belly. I put one in and it was fine, then somehow I accidentally pulled on the tubing and it came out. So I went to put in another and forgot to take the backing off the tape before poking a hole in my belly and had to toss that set, too. The third one was a charm….I hope. The Mio infusion sets cost somewhere between $10 and $20 apiece and I only get 10 a month. This is not good. Now I have none. If something happens to this set, I have to go back to shooting up with a needle, which is OK….but then I miss the benefit of the constant background basal doses from the pump that keeps me even. My learning curve just gets steeper. Sigh….

And speaking of a steep learning curve…tonight my home teachers came to visit. My voice was broken and it was hard to breathe. We talked about a bunch of things and then I started to tell the bishop about what happened when my shrink was here. The story about my near death experience…and as I was telling it last week, about how the light came in. Just like the last 2 times, when I got to the part where I described the light shining in, my voice went from broken to perfect. Ummm, yeah….I started crying and laughing. This keeps happening in front of people. Makes me feel very self-conscious. Gives me goosebumps. Makes me think deep thoughts.

Maybe an hour after they left, I stood up to close the blinds. I was so close to fainting that I was stumbling around, unable to see and trying to grab a chair. Once I rested a few minutes, I went in my room to change into my nightgown. When I closed the blinds, I started to faint again. This time I fell on the bed. Once I could see and think again, I was wiggling out of my clothes and hit the bed again. Then as things came into focus, Olive was pouncing on the pump’s tubing. It feels roughed up. I hope it’s not punctured!

I went to the bathroom and kitchen, feeling whacked out. Suddenly it hit me. Maybe I’m not learning what I am supposed to be learning. When I almost died 32 years ago, God knew I had just had a baby and would choose to go back to her…but I did have a choice. Going towards the light felt sooooooo good! I needed to be here, though. Oh, cool! I keep trying to write what I realized, but then I get this blank mind. That means I’m not supposed to share it. Let’s just say I feel very reassured about life and death. And I have lots more goosebumps!


I didn’t do much today. An hour before my home teachers were supposed to be here, I got restless. Since I was finally dressed, I took out the garbage and got a couple days of junk mail. I decided to randomly go around some blocks for fresh air. When I popped out a block from the Asian market, I stopped there to re-stock my freezer with 6 mochi. They are delicious carb bombs. Can I count them as solid food? 🙂 They’re frozen. Did you know the green ones are mugwort? Mmmmmm……..