You’d think I would get used to this. Nope. My body is busy vibrating, quivering, zapping and tingling. That almost sounds like fun, but it’s not. It’s more like trying to do a zillion pushups…like the part just before your arms give out and you smack your chin on the floor. Or like somebody holding a giant tuning fork to your body.


I started reading about a famous LDS guy named Charles Ora Card. That’s because my home teacher was talking about him. Brother Card was born in New York state in 1839. He became LDS and came out west and lived in Cache Valley, Utah. He did a lot of building and organizing and church stuff. He had several wives and went to Canada to do more organizing and building and church stuff. The details are interesting. Cardston, Alberta was named after him.


That got me thinking about Banff, Alberta. To me, that was a magical place when I arrived in 1976. The mountains are like pyramids. Flowers around Lake Louise. The Victoria glacier. Bears in my campsite. Walking a few feet from elk. Soooo many memories from there!


I love this graphic 🙂 My dream sage is a cross between Saruman, Gandalf and God.

Ever since visiting Banff, I keep having these dreams about a man with a flowing white beard, staff in hand, wearing robes. He is standing on the top of one of the pyramid mountains. I don’t know who he is…but he is very smart and extremely wise. I go to him for answers to questions I don’t even know I have.


Now fast forward to Cache Valley, Utah. I remember driving through a couple of times, years apart. It also seemed magical. There was just something about the place that was like a cross between Vermont and Banff and the wild west. I often think of a place in Cache Valley where I felt like I was in a dream.


Another place that fits in is Star Valley and the Scenic Byway. I have ended up there a few times while randomly driving around the west. It’s another one of those valleys with sweeping vistas between spectacular mountains. Turns out it’s another place settled by Mormons. I love all the log homes and businesses.

So….I’m reading about Charles Ora Card and it puts all these things together…and more, in my mind. I really got into reading about his second wife, Zina Presendia Williams, née Young, daughter of Brigham Young. Her father had many wives. She then married into polygamy herself. Everybody’s histories are hard for me to get straight since there were multiple marriages and polygamy involved. Many of these people came from the same places in NY and VT where I have lived and visited. I know from using the LDS Relative Finder, that some of these folks are distant cousins. Interesting that I was born in NY, baptized LDS in Vermont and ended up in Salt Lake City, Utah. I never would have guessed any of this in my growing up years! Zina died 25 years before I was born. It’s not ancient history!

I have spent many years visiting places in LDS history….way before I even understood that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were the same people referred to as Mormons. Somehow I have wandered all over Canada, the US and Mexico in the footsteps of some of my ancestors. I had no idea! Anyway….the older I get, the more it seems everybody I have ever met and everywhere I have gone are all intertwined. Yes, indeed, it’s a small world 🙂


Fall color in Washington Park.


Back to the here and now. This morning I was dealing with incapacitating dizziness again. I went back to bed at 10 AM and was woken up at 1 PM by the manager opening my door, coming in and yelling my name. He had a nurse with him. I had turned off my phone and locked my door so as not to be disturbed 😛 I never heard of this nurse’s company. My NP really did try to find me another hospice place!


The fountain at City Hall. The old building is getting a facelift.



I came home and looked up cytybird. It’s a restaurant in City Hall that delivers by bike.

I was solidly asleep and very groggy and confused to have Joe and a nurse in my bedroom. It took me awhile to figure out what was happening. The nurse is from Brazil and has a heavy accent. I woke up with a very broken voice. Communication was challenging. She gave me a booklet, took lots of info and had me sign paperwork. I made sure to exchange emails because I knew neither one of us would understand the other on the phone. So…as it is now, she’s promising all sorts of help. Their version of hospice sounds very, very different from the nurse of death’s company. I will believe it all when I see it! I told her I did not want to start getting services until mid-October. That was fine with her. Now let’s see if my insurance and that company can co-exist.


These 2 pics were taken while I sat in the exact same spot at Costco! A twist of the body one way or another and it looks like different days.


When the nurse left, I got dressed and headed for TRAX. I did my usual. I let red lights and traffic decide which station I ended up at. Then I took the first of 3 lines that showed up and went the direction that train was going. I love to shop that way 🙂 I was on the green line headed for West Valley City…my second time shopping there. I went to Costco for frozen fruit and other goodies, then stopped at Davis Food & Drug…both interesting and creepy as far as grocery stores go. I did buy 3 avocados for $1….the first avocados in months. They used to be one of my main food groups. I thought I was very brave to try regular food 🙂


These are in the same place, facing towards different mountains.


My window stalker scared the crap out of me! He said something in a booming voice in the dark. I jumped and my heart still hurts from the scare. He said it was the last time he was going to come to my window because there is some new rule about staying on sidewalks. YES!!!!!!new-windows

This is an ugly apartment building for seniors. It took all summer to replace the windows. I’m hoping the scaffolding is still up because they will be spiffing up the exterior!

I took a few pics in West Valley City and in downtown SLC. Depending on which way I was facing, it was a beautiful, sunny day, or looked like it was about to storm.


It must be a good view from the Grand America hotel.


I thought I looked a lot worse than this. My whole forehead was drooping and it felt like my mouth was hanging way open. Maybe I was only half as scary looking as I thought!