It just gets colder as the day goes on. 49 degrees at noon, with light rain off and on. I dug my fleece lined slippers out of the closet. I still have my window wide open, but no fan going. Olive is snuggled into the pillows on my bed.

By the time it was 52 degrees out there, I needed the fan on 🙂 I made the mistake of putting on my very light purple jacket to go to the pharmacy. It was sprinkling. I was so hot that a block later, my left eye had shut. While waiting for my meds, I was sweating and both eyes were closed. I had to tip my head back to see out. The pharmacists never tire of watching what MG does to me.

So…..back to why I went out in the rain. I kept hearing funny noises outside. I stood at my window and watched an obviously high and perhaps mentally ill guy go crazy. He was over on the grass alongside the parking garage. He would throw himself on the ground, roll all around, raise his arms and shake them, kick his feet in the air, he ran into traffic and danced around. He would put his hands in his pants and keep looking at his private parts, he did jumping jacks, he screamed….well, you get the idea. I watched him for maybe 15 minutes until my nurse got here. I was holding my phone, but reluctant to call the cops because I’m always the one to call cops on the crazies out there. Thank goodness the nurse called 911! She was very professional…told them she was a nurse, and pretty soon there were 3 cop cars here.

One cop talked to the guy who was still jumping around, one went behind him to look for drug paraphernalia and the other cop went up on the second floor of the parking garage to keep an eye on them all. Of course, 2 guys from my church had to drive up in their big pick-up truck with cap…and park right in the way! The nurse and I moved to my bedroom so we could still see. By then they had put the crazy guy in the cop car. All 3 policemen milled around outside until an ambulance came for the guy. Then they all left. The whole thing took more than an hour. Sooooooo glad the nurse was here to call! I don’t want it to always be me who calls the office or the cops.


I went over to Deseret Industries to get some things for the grandsons to play with and some books to read. I gave Fletcher an orca once and he really liked it. I doubt they will take these things back to China, but they’re here to mess with if they want.


Olive had to sniff them all over and bite the alligator on the snout.

I’m not impressed with the insulin pump supply company. I ordered on Friday, the stuff was supposed to be here today, but it never showed up. Thank goodness the diabetes educator brought me a few extras today! My site was hurting. Here I thought they must be in some faraway city. Nope. 4.6 miles from my apartment! I could have limped there and back by now. I am sooooooooo not impressed!!!

The diabetes educator told my endocrinologist about the nurse of death and her crummy hospice company. Apparently my description of them had the nurse and doc hot under the collar. The diabetes nurse was glad to hear I got a different company. Me, too!

Tonight my neighbor, Marion, came to see me. We always have too much fun talking 🙂 When my belly hurt from laughing, I grabbed it. We both noticed…at the exact same time…that my belly has changed shape. I noticed it was bigger when I went over to DI. My shirt kept riding up and over the hernia. Tonight we saw that it has sprouted a whole new big lump. The part of the hernia that veers to my right now has a matching bump pretty much in the middle. I know exactly how and when it started ripping a few days ago 😦 Now it hurts. Not liking this new development! I’m going to make Heather take pics. Eeeeewwwwwww!

Heather is probably at the airport in Shanghai as I type this. They are scheduled to get to SLC tomorrow. She and the kids have the sniffles. It’s going to be a loooooong flight to keep 3 little boys corralled and reasonably happy. Please send good vibes, prayers, positive energy or whatever you think will help. Heather is going to need it!


Well….it might have been raining here in the city, but up in the mountains it has been snowing hard. I’m glad I am not up at Alta ski area! Check out their forecast. I think the Shred Fest folks were praying a little too hard for snow. Ohhhhh!!!!! I just went to the Shred Fest website. I was in Liberty Park the day they did that filming! Cool 🙂 I like that this is all somehow related to Vermont’s Burton snowboards and it started in Missoula, Montana, where I went to college. I knew Burton when it was a fledgling not quite real business in the 70’s 🙂 Dang, I’m old.