It started out with me being wicked bad dizzy. My eyes don’t work so well any more. I wanted to go to the airport to meet Heather and the grandkids. I spent last night and then early morning watching their plane go from Shanghai to Seattle on the laptop. Before they got on the next plane, I was out the door.


While waiting for the worst of the morning yuck to pass me by, my hernia was hurting. I was alarmed to find a rip within a huge stretch mark. This is what causes ulcerations, infections and a hole into my guts. I just read an abstract about what happens next. I am glad I know….but I almost wish I had never read it 😦


The darn thing hurts! It also boggles my mind how it gets bigger daily. This pic is literally the tip of my hernia “iceberg”.

Well…after taking those pics, I was too disturbed and too antsy to stay home. First I went to Smith’s for snacks to take to the airport. Then I got on the red train at Trolley and got off at Courthouse and switched to green line TRAX to the airport. It probably took me half an hour to toodle around and get my bearings. Lots of missionaries coming home! Large family contingents were there with signs and balloons to welcome them back after 2 years. It was hard for me to watch for Heather. People, people everywhere.

Without fail, I always start to panic, afraid I won’t recognize my own kid. Luckily she waved and I figured out who she was 🙂 Fletcher and Porter knew me instantly and were chattering a mile a minute. Desmond was passed out after nursing. We all had a lot to say to each other. It’s always a novelty for the boys to sit on my lap in the chair as a form of transportation.

Heather rented a vehicle and I went out with them to get it. That’s when I got to hold Desmond. The poor baby was a phlegm ball. I cupped my hand and hit his back gently, but harder and harder. It seemed to help him cough some of the crud out. My poor shirt!


The boys had been up some outrageous number of hours without a nap. They conked right out as soon as the car moved. I took TRAX home and they were all in my apartment waiting for me when I got home….but the boys were still asleep. Fletcher woke up first and went right for the craft supplies. Porter slept for several hours. By then the craft supplies were packed up and back in the closet. As soon as Porter woke up, he went right for the craft box. They are so predictable 🙂


In the midst of everything, the manager comes to the door with a nurse from the creepy hospice company. The nurse of death was here September 14th. Then I never heard from her or her company again. Then this guy nurse shows up without calling or emailing. He acted surprised that I was surprised to see him. He took a pic of the other company’s booklet. Then he called the nurse of death…who then called me. I let it go to voicemail since Fletcher and I were talking and playing. She acted all surprised and bent out of shape that no health aide had been here yet. My first opinion about these people was correct. Their company sucks.

A little while later, after 6 PM, a delivery guy shows up at the door. Finally! My insulin pump supplies that were promised yesterday showed up. As I always say…health care is a racket. Poor, disabled folks like me are cash cows for the bottom of the barrel providers. Sigh…..

Heather got us some sushi for supper. I thought I was going to eat more than I did, but I was full. By the time they all went to their hotel, I felt strange and had broken out in a massive sweat. I took my blood sugar and it was 72. It must have been dropping fast. Ooops! I gave myself too much insulin since my eyes were bigger than my stomach…and then promptly forgot I had done that. Of course then I got to correct my mistake by eating some berries and ice cream 🙂

I’m always amazed that the high of talking and visiting can super-power me to feel better than usual….and then I crash later. I did pretty well. I sure didn’t want to make the grandsons feel too uncomfortable. They seemed to have a good time.

Now to rest before the excitement of tomorrow!