Do you have any idea how hard it is to take pictures of children in perpetual motion? I did my best 🙂 We messed around with crafts in the morning and when everyone was crazy, we went shopping. I shopped with Fletcher, who’s 6, He picked out a mixed fruit tray, raspberries, strawberries, go-gurt and D’animals. Good taste 🙂 Then before we left the store, we got berry sundaes.


Heather had the sleeping Porter and Desmond and bought things to take back to China that it’s hard to get there. The big prize of the day for the kids were smart watches that take pics and videos and even tell them how far they have walked. Looked like the Dick Tracy watch from old comics 🙂


Heather did some laundry for all of us. Also, she can bend! She took everything out of the fridge. I decided what would stay or go and then all the fruit fit in 🙂 Each time I tried to bend today, it was scary how much bigger the hernia has gotten 😮 It seriously gets bigger every day.


I feel so bad for Desmond! The poor kid is full of snot. While his mom was at the drug store, safely out of sight, I dangled his head over my knee and beat him on the back with my cupped hand. He drooled out a lot, then each time I put him upright, he was able to cough more crud from his lungs. When Heather was young, we had whooping cough together. Lung stuff is distressing!


Fletcher figured out how to fix my broken voice. He puts his hand over my drooped eye…and my voice comes back! I knew that worked from wearing my eye patch…but had totally forgotten. It also works more often than not to cover my good eye. Anything so I can read to him 🙂 fletcher-is-trouble run-olive fletcher-grabber get-grandma