At the highest part of the Nebo Loop, it’s stick season. Most of the leaves have fallen from the aspens.

Today we all seemed tired and on the road to burn-out. We’ve been having too much fun 🙂 I have been able to push myself a heck of a lot more than usual. I’m glad that has been possible 🙂


We saw lots of cattle in the national forest. There were also many, many cowboys with horse trailers….and empty cattle hauler trucks to take the cattle back to lower elevation ranches. The places where cattle have hung out are barren, with cow plops everywhere.

Fletcher wants me to read books…but the more I read out loud, the more my voice goes towards broken. But….each time it starts to crack up, Fletcher covers my droopy eye. I can feel the muscles in my face all going back to where they are supposed to be, my eye undroops and my voice is OK for awhile. Kids are cute! To him it’s no big deal.


Lots of cattle have trampled the ground here.


Many cut trees from where cattle hang out


It’s free range in the national forest. You have to be careful when driving.


It’s easy to figure out the cattle’s favorite spots. The cow pies increase exponentially.


There’s something in the road!


The cowboys do their best to part the herd.


All along the loop, there are fences and chutes for gathering up and sorting cattle. The cowboys drive the cattle to a holding pen and then load up the ones they want to take away. It must be a lot of work to find all the cows before winter!


Someone tent camping

hilly pretty-colors

dark-to-light leaf-colors

Each elevation has different types of trees and different stages of autumn.

next-bend mountain-road

aspens-sign the-road-not-taken

lake-valley utah-lake-with-trees

That’s Utah Lake, down below in the polluted air.

distant-mountains fall-with-reflection dappled-mountain

trailhead snowed-peak snowed-on

golden mountain-spot

some-red peeking-through-trees

mountain-folds bend rocks-trees rock-jumble

campsite like-chiracahua columns outcrop upclose textured-rocks

leaving-uinta-nf end-of-loop transition desert-soil drydry drier-flatter