The highest elevation sign I saw was 9000 feet. We drove by roadside snow up there.

Oh, my gosh! Friday we went on the Mount Nebo Scenic Byway. We took the interstate to Payson, then went into the Uinta National Forest. It was a 35 mile loop road that then popped out in Nephi. The first sign I saw on the interstate said it was 77 miles back to SLC. While we were gone, I took something like 300 pictures. Heather took my camera card out and put a bigger capacity one in, so she still has some of today’s pics. It’s going to be hard to decide which ones to share on my blog. That’s a lot to look through!


Good thing they are all cute. We let them back in the SUV 🙂

The sky was the bluest blue and the trees were all shades of yellow to orange. It was a beautiful day 🙂 I ate solid food twice. And “junk food” at that! I had 2 sausage burritos at McDonald’s, then a limeade and stuffed Mexican fries at Taco Time. My belly only mildly hurts. Now that I have had that sort of food, it would be fine with me if I never ate it again! I did like the limeade 🙂


Heather took some pics of my hernia strapped in the seat belt. I had no idea it looked like that. It looks very different being me and looking down on it. The darn thing is huge. Gauge for yourself.



My hernia gets bigger every single day 😮

I am frustrated with my chromebook. It’s freaking out from all the uploaded photos. It takes f o r e v e r to look through them and even longer to clean up the pics. Doing the photo stuff keeps crashing my laptop. That’s why I did not put up a blog post on Friday. I was wicked tired, sore and then frustrated with technology. I will add some pics here and work more on the whole thing later.


Fletcher made a place for fairies to sleep under sticks and leaves. I had been telling him about squirrel nests.


Porter is very three. Look at that determined face! The following meme perfectly describes him 🙂 Substitute any other object for waffle 🙂




Looking at me makes Desmond crack up 🙂


We went to a place called Payson Lake. The boys were anxious to go see it.


Off they ran, down to the lake’s edge.


The kids used sticks to pull out “seaweed”. Then the campground host came over in her golf cart to inform them the lake was closed due to toxic algae. Turns out they had teeny tiny little signs that said that. None of us saw them. Just great 😮


Fletcher and his transformer.


Fletcher in the trees, loving the leaves, wanting to go hiking.


On the bridge to nowhere.


Heather and Desmond


Porter face

It took me all last night and most of today to gather together the people pics. There are more than a couple hundred pretty mountain and leaf pics for another time.


sun-yellow alongside-road

rustic-fencing lake-front