I already forgot most of today. Ooops. The grandkids have gone through enormous quantities of fruit and yogurt. They played in the apartment and we went to the closest park for awhile. They left early in hopes of resting more tonight.


Fletcher goes around telling anyone who will listen, that he lives in China and is here because his grandma is going to die. It’s fun to watch people who have no idea what to say to that conversation. It also makes me feel guilty. The grandkids love me. It seems so unfair that they can’t keep coming back to visit me for years to come.


Heather thinks that when they go back to China, that I won’t last much longer. That feels about right. It seems like I am gathering up every bit of strength I have to be present for their visit. I’m glad it’s up to God when I die. I would hate to be the one to make the decision.


Gosh….I am bone tired. I need to sleep better. Yesterday the oxygen concentrator alarm woke me up. The machine was smoking! It worked OK last night, thank goodness. But….this morning it was Olive who woke me up. Turns out my blood sugar was too low and she knew it.


One good thing about going on hospice care is that I have no scheduled doc appointments for the rest of the month. I am soooooooo tired of doctors!


I’m glad I was able to take Xifaxan. I eat more foods now. My guts don’t hurt as much…as in digestion. Most of the pain is from my hernia ripping and the vital organs being moved around. I am actually hungry more often than not nowadays thanks to my guts working better. Soooooo glad I no longer cry and scream after eating!


Gee….it’s fun picking out Nebo Loop pics for this post. I have lots more. I have wanted to be able to go into the mountains in the fall ever since I moved here 4 years ago. It sure has been great having Heather and the kids to hang out with and enjoy the good things about Utah.