I used Google maps and a painting program to highlight our route in purple.

I took lots and lots of pics today and then the camera said the battery was dead. Then Heather took pics with her gear. I got home, thinking my only problem was a dead battery, and there are no pics on the card. It’s possible that some are on the camera’s internal memory…but not probable. I forgot to reformat or whatever the memory card needs. Sigh….


Thanks to wikimedia for this pic of Bear Lake.

But…the best part of today’s drive was just doing it. We went up Logan Canyon, to Bear Lake, to Evanston, Wyoming and back to SLC via Park City. Long drive! It made me happy 🙂


You can see we were up by the Idaho border. We also took a short jaunt into and out of Wyoming. 

Fletcher had just lost one tooth before he got here and on the ride today he almost lost another. It should fall out any minute now. Then he will be missing his top two front teeth….just in time for Halloween! Fletcher showed a Wyoming cowboy his tooth falling out. That man was hilarious…playing the part as if he were on TV.

Bear Lake was an unbelievably beautiful blue. The drive was fantastic! Hopefully Heather has some good pics to share. The feds have 310 pics of the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway. You can look at theirs!