I’m not very teachable any more. I am easily lost and confused. Luckily Heather was able to find my missing pictures and get them into the chromebook. Some of them are quite pretty! If you ever get a chance to check out Logan Canyon…do it!

Tuesday we took Olive to the Humane society for her shots. It was quick and easy 🙂 Then after messing around here at my apartment, we took off for Costco and a really nifty playground. It was even more impressive in person than in the video. This adventure family blog post has some great pics.

At Costco, we got Olive some cans of cat food and a jug of cat litter. Fletcher and I went around and tried all the free samples of food, then we got berry sundaes. Heather had just gotten Porter to fall asleep, so she kept driving around to keep him asleep. Once he woke up, we drove back to the playground so Fletcher and Porter could play. I was impressed with the kid-friendly zip line. The whole place was kid fantasy land 🙂


In an interesting twist of fate, Heather’s husband was on a business trip with a connecting flight in SLC. They did not expect to see each other because there was only a short time on the ground before the next plane took off. Well…the first plane did not start off as planned, which caused a missed connection, giving more time for a meet-up. Heather left me at home and they all got together at the airport!

Today was tough on me. I got elbowed, stepped on and jumped on by the 3 and 6 year olds. My hernia is beat up and wicked, wicked painful. I’m becoming less and less fun…and more and more tired. My poor intestines are losing what looks like an alarming amount of blood. Ick. It’s not the kid’s fault. I already had the fissure, it just happened to pick now to get worse 😦 The newest left side hernia bulge can be agonizing sometimes. I wonder what’s going on in there?


OK…on a more fun note…here are some pics that Heather rescued from my camera 🙂


porter-saving-chestnuts-with-teeth finding-a-stash-of-chestnuts wendyfletcher-in-the-park

These pics are from a park in Logan. Canyon pics tomorrow….

grandma-desmond can-you-open-this