At 2:30 AM, I. caught 2 males in the parking lot. They were wearing dark clothes, each had flashlights and one was carrying a large sack. I heard them trying to open car doors, I got up, scared them and locked my windows. They ran to the road, got on bikes and zoomed off. Gulp! I got in bed and slept seven more hours.

All night in my sleep, my hernia hurt. Today it is substantially bigger 😩  My pupils are still unequal. Makes seeing difficult. Makes me queasy. The darn fluctuating fever keeps me hot and sweaty or cold. I can only presume it’s an infection because my blood sugars are up for no other good reason.

I alternately watched TV, listened to the radio and played solitaire. In the late afternoon, I went out to take pics on my block. This is what I looked like dressed. People sitting around outside made sure to tell me I looked awful 😕

This is me in my relaxing house clothes. Darn MG, darn steroid face, darn fever. Sigh…

That tree always looks pretty 😀


I don’t know how to control the pic placement or size on the Kindle Fire. Old dog…new tricks and all that.