Ever since cooking has become more trouble than it’s worth, I have been searching for foods that are easily portioned out and quick to cook. One thing I settled on was meatballs. I have tried all kinds…such as the ones available in the freezer section at Smith’s and Trader Joe’s. At first, they were OK, but only because I had not tried the best meatballs!


Out of the dozen or so types of meatballs I have tried, Aidells Teriyaki and Pineapple chicken meatballs are the hands-down winners. 46 ounces for $13.79. That’s $4.80 per pound. Heather liked them the best, too…compared with the Coleman meatballs 🙂


Second place are Coleman Italian chicken meatballs. 46 ounces for $10.89. That’s $3.79 per pound. I think that might have been a special sale price. I only bought them once.


Third place, but best deal are Costco meatballs. $16.59 for 6 pounds. That’s $2.77 per pound.


I just ate a package of Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs over 3 days time. $3.69 for a pound. I won’t buy them again. My taste buds don’t work as well as they used to, but these leave an unpleasant taste on my tongue long after they are eaten.

My top 3 choices were bought at Costco. So…how do I eat all these meatballs? The easiest meal is to nuke some meatballs with or without a bbq sauce or marinade, cut them in halves or quarters…then add salad greens, a cut up tomato and/or avocado and Ranch or Bleu cheese dressing. Another of my easy fixes is meatballs in a bowl with canned diced tomatoes, some Sriracha bbq sauce and covered in cheese. Nuke until all hot and melty. I also cook rice in the bottom of my rice cooker, then add stir fry veggies and meatballs in the top steamer. When done, serve with a sauce made from coconut cream, peanut butter, soy sauce, fish sauce and sweet chili sauce. A few times I heated meatballs and put them in a long roll with spaghetti sauce, onions and peppers….topped with cheese.

My next go-to meat has become deli roast beef from Costco or Trader Joe’s. Tastes good, already cooked, easy to add to salad or make into a sandwich. Most of the time I just roll up a  few slices and eat it plain.

I used to like rotisserie chicken. In Florida and in the Adirondacks of NY, every time I went to a town with a Sam’s Club, I bought a chicken. I don’t know if Costco has mushier chickens or if the world of rotisserie chickens has changed, but I don’t like eating mush. Meat should have some substance and resistance when biting it. Now it’s more like the consistency of old fashioned oats. Hmmmm….and most oatmeal has become wallpaper paste now that people like the instant stuff. Yuck. The dumbing down, blandification and pureeing of once good food.

As soon as I fixed up those 4 salt lamps, 2 of the good ones went bad. I cut out the blankety blanking dimmer switches used those splices that crimp and then covered all in electrical tape. Again, I am soaked in sweat. Doesn’t take much exertion these days. I think it’s mostly my brain overheating. Snicker….

Today my big foray into the world was to go to the pharmacy to get the remainder of this month’s Mestinon and a few pills of Medrol to make up what they had forgotten to order. It took maybe 3 sentences to get a broken voice and have my eye close. I suppose that is appropriate behavior when picking up Mestinon 🙂 To the pharmacy and back is less than going around the block. Whoop dee doo.

I am looking forward to going for a longer ride Thursday or Friday when the weather will be nicer. I hope my body is up to the challenge. My hernia keeps finding new ways to hurt. Lately it is ripping internally up by the bottom of my lungs. That’s making it harder and harder for me to breathe. Sucks. Oh…..speaking of sucks…..have you seen the new viral video trying to sell chatbooks? I never heard of them before, and they sound like a good idea, but what’s hilarious is the mother in the video. In real life she is LDS. The link came from LDS Living this morning. I guarantee this will be 4 minutes well spent. Check out the video. If you want to read the article, it’s here. I’ve watched it 3 times so far 🙂