I spilled salt lamp crumbs all over the kitchen floor, so got out my nice, new vacuum to suck it up. My kitchen is tiny. The effort to do that small amount of work left me gulping greedily for air….all the air I could take in. I sat in my chair sucking in air as if my life depended on it…because it did!


After maybe 20 to 30 minutes, I was breathing easier and my adrenaline had kicked in to make me hyper. When I get like that, I can talk fairly well. I used my hyperness and a touch of feeling pissed off to call hospice. Sounds like they are not a very trustworthy organization. First off, they did not have my correct phone number. The woman who answered the phone knew nothing about me.


I told her I had filled out their online contact form and twice had written to the nurse, but nobody got back to me. She found me on their computer and told me the nurse no longer worked for them. She promised to send someone here by Monday. I will believe it when I see it. At this point I have very little faith in hospice companies for the poor. She said they need all new paperwork from my doctor, too!


While I was pissed off with runarounds, I wrote yet another email to the wheelchair people.

ME: Seriously…I am in hospice and will be dead before my new wheelchair works 😦  If not me, the other chair is on its last wheels. What’s happening?

HIM: I  am in the office right now having a meeting about your chair. We are trying to get the parts asap. Sorry that it’s taking so long and that you are so sick.

I wanted to say suuuuuuuuuuure you are! :-p It has been months since I could use my new chair. They took away the leg holders so it’s just a dust collector in the corner. Sigh…..


I talked to a couple of people today about hospice companies that have been here for various people. So far I haven’t heard a single good thing. Just great. All that talking in this building left me soaked in sweat. I was anxious to go outside into the cool air. 60’s today.


I decided to go the the country’s largest Costco. After visiting various Costco stores with Heather and on my own, I have a new appreciation for the store closest to me. It must be twice as big….and it has way more food choices. I took TRAX to Ballpark station, then wheeled it to Costco. It was a good day for free samples 🙂 Instead of my usual bag of mixed berries, I got 5 pounds of frozen raspberries for $13.99. That’s only $2.80/pound. Great deal for raspberries! No other Costco I have been to sells them. I also bought a bottle of Kodiak Mountain Berry syrup (mix of blueberries, blackberries, huckleberries, and serviceberries). Before this, I have only seen and bought raspberry at Costco. I did taste a small amount of that syrup on a 25 cent sized pancake while in the store. I used the raspberry syrup with raspberries all summer mixed with Hawaiian ice.


It’s really pretty crazy for me to trek to Costco for a couple of things, but so far, I never get tired of going to Costco as an excuse to get out of my apartment. Sometimes I think I am totally crazy because breathing is so tough, my eyesight sucks and it’s not easy to keep sitting upright in my power chair….but it’s fun 🙂


I got on TRAX at 9th and off at Ballpark. On the way home, I realized that it would only be a few extra blocks to stay on West Temple and skip TRAX. It seemed so easy that I am still marvelling at how close I am without getting on and off TRAX and the extra blocks for that. Google Maps says it’s a 2.5 mile trek. The purple line is how I came home. I enjoyed the coming and going to look at the sky and flowers and trees. I took lots of pics 🙂 See the snow in the mountains?

honda garff downtown-mountains mountains-from-parking-lot

There sure were some pretty trees glowing in the sun.

nice-tree nice-looking-tree

glowing-but-thinning parking-lot half-gone plsating-yellow

I like landscaping here and there.

flower-mix business-flowers



There are at least 5 food carts within a block of where I live. I have never eaten at any of them. I am endlessly fascinated in the social vibe each business has.

taco-stand mariscos

When I got back to my place, the resident parrot was out for a walk.


The seedier side of my apartment building.


The bed bug bakers were back today. My favorite old guy, Buster, lives next door to the bed bug infested apartment of the day. He said his apartment got unbearably hot when they started cooking the bugs, so he hung out near the community room for the day. He said the heat makes the buggy apartment stink. Eeeeewwww! Olive was miffed at the bug exterminator’s truck left idling in front of our window. Me, too!

watching-cootie-truck olive-in-the-light olive-highwayI have quite the feverish infection going on. EVERYBODY says I am very red. A few people felt my cheeks. I am sizzling. This is one part of letting go and dying that I don’t like. How long will it take the fever or something else to kill me? I was hoping for more action and less torture. Beam me up, please….