I have always been a bit contrary. Instead of getting muscles, I really am ripped.


That’s not really what I had in mind for Halloween. This morning I again woke up surprised to still be alive. With a bit too much exuberance, I sat up and tried to get out of bed. Oh, my gosh 😮 I could feel ripping on a whole new level. I have been quivering for hours. Not liking it.


All morning I have been having trouble with my left eye slamming shut. That made me start thinking about Fletcher. Every time my voice started breaking up, he would cover my eye. I could then feel all my face muscles perking up. After having my eye covered for a while, I could go back to smiling and talking. I decided to cover my eye and yup…my face got better today 🙂 I used to use my eye patch to make my vision and voice stronger.


After reading up on probable causes, I have my theories. West Nile Virus causes all sorts of nerve damage. It often happens slowly and insidiously, although some people immediately become paralyzed. I already had myasthenia gravis, which is a disease of the nerve/muscle connection. Somehow the conjunction of WNV and MG does this interesting and very annoying stuff to me.


By afternoon, I was fighting to remain conscious. When the stupid fever started to feel overwhelming, I knew I could not sit here any longer. It felt like do something or succumb. I went to Liberty Park. Most of my visit is a blur in my brain. I know I was really there because I came home with pictures 🙂


It was difficult coming home. I had to keep stopping the chair so I could reposition my slumping body. Every time I did that, I could feel the hernia rip 😦 By the time I got home, I was in rough shape. I parked my chair near some guys outside the door. They were incredibly uncomfortable and thought I was going to die right then and there. Even my voice did not sound like mine. My whole left side looked like I was having a stroke. I said I was going to go rest.


I got just inside the building before hot tears were pouring out. Dang it!!! Two of the nice busybodies were on their way out. I thought I was alone. They saw how horrible I looked AND that I was crying. That only made things worse 😦 They fussed over me and I fled back to my apartment. I wish I had a pic of me at my worst. I like to scare myself.



i immediately soaked my head in cold water and sat in front of the fan. I spent many hours today fighting to not pass out. I am trying to be brave. I wish I had more guidance about what’s happening and what I should do about it.


I’m not as droopy now, but dang! I am burning up! I am actually looking forward to hospice tomorrow. I hope they really show up and I hope they will be helpful and not creepy.


The park was more fun.