I’ve been feeling confused ever since I woke up. I had only been awake about a minute when someone from HH&H company #2 called. She was very polite and extremely patient. She said she was coming here Wednesday afternoon to help me shower. Ugh….here we go again. I told her with my roll in shower and shower chair, I didn’t need help….but was willing to get it if that meant I was going to get other services. I explained that my hernia made it hard for me to do laundry, vacuum, mop, etc. She understood. It’s the same dog and pony show all people on Medicaid have to go through.


Then she mentioned my Medicare. I said nope…I’m too young and have the wrong type of disability to get Medicare. She was confused, but said she would make sure paperwork was correct. I rehashed all the problems with company #1 and then her company. She thought it was awful. She promised to get things straightened out. We’ll see. I told her a nurse from HH&H was supposed to flush my port, but since no one has, I am overdue to have it done. I said I was going up to Huntsman today for that.


I had to wait for the worst of the morning yuck to pass me by and then I got dressed. I kept having this nagging feeling I shouldn’t go. And….no matter what I did to get ready, I was super confused. I left around 11 AM. I missed TRAX by 2 minutes. So I waited 13 minutes for the next train. When it came to the station, I went to get on, but there was already a wheelchair and bikes in that car and no room for me. I zoomed up to the next car, pushed the button, the ramp came out….then it immediately retracted. I pushed the button a few more times. The train took off with me inches from the side 😮


This has happened to me sooooooooo many times! Two rides ago I kept pushing the ramp button only to have it come out, bounce and retract. The driver gruffly told me to go down to the next car. He waited, though. Most of the bad things happen at Library station. Geeze. I was using every bit of gumption in me not to burst into tears. I made it off the platform and across the road before the tears started. I decided it was a trip not meant to be. I went home by way of Washington park.



When I got home, I realized my power chair had less than half a battery charge left. In all the excitement of almost losing consciousness in public yesterday, I had forgotten to plug it in when I got home. Ooops. I should have listened to that inner voice when I felt uneasy about leaving. Duh. I’m glad I am home now….listening to good CD music and eating lunch, instead.


My favorite lunch this week has been romaine from a bag mixed with Cruciferous Crunch from Trader Joe’s. Sunday I had greens, tomato, cheese curds, chow mein noodles, chicken pieces and bleu cheese. Monday it was geens, tomato, chicken meatballs, chow mein noodles and ranch dressing. Today it was greens, chicken meatballs and Goddess dressing. Salads are easy for wimpy people 🙂 I am glad I can tolerate greens this week!


Can you guess what I was thinking of today? I have been trying to see nature despite the city. There are lots of glimpses of mountains between buildings. Lots of new construction going on, too.


Well….it took 7 and a half hours to charge my chair. If I had gone up to the hospital, I might have been stuck there. Whew…..


Tonight Hyper Helen came back. She is pushing me….in a good way…to prepare better for the end. It must be her lot in life to help people pass. She sure has a lot of experience. I appreciate her love and concern. I was supposed to answer Heather’s questions today, but have done a good job of procrastinating. My brain is tired. Soooo tired….


Yes!!! 🙂 I got a package today. In it was a new SD card. I was able to put it in my camera, reformat the card and now the functionality of my camera and the correct camera/chromebook upload is back. Heather was right when she said I needed a new card. Who knew they were supposed to be replaced every 2 years or so? Thank you very much kind person 🙂