Roses are still going strong

Today I felt free to live my life with no expectations. No nurses coming to look in on me, no appointments of any kind….and a very nice day to be alive. It was 78 degrees and we broke the former record of 76. I didn’t even wake up until 10:30 AM. It was 11 by the time I took a shower and got dressed. After watching the mid-day news, I decided I needed to go somewhere. Costco, of course!



This new grocery has a garage-type door behind the outdoor fruit stand. It was open today 🙂

I decided to go to the 9th station. There are still plenty of good-looking flowers and veggies in the community garden. I just missed the red train, so took the dreaded blue line. Busy day for cripples. There were 3 of us in wheelchairs squished in the front car.


I’m really going to miss the leaves and flowers!

I went to the Murray Costco and took pics from the train, across the hospital lot to the store.








I got some deli roast beef, salsa, guacamole, Asian chopped salad and meatballs. Then I took TRAX as far as Ballpark and wheeled the rest of the way home. There were 3 of us on the train again in wheelchairs. I needed to move to let one guy out at Ballpark, so just kept going. I had never been on that particular stretch of road before. There are no barriers between the train going down the middle of the road. I’d be scared to live there! A new apartment is going up that touches the sidewalk. Tight spaces.


Yesterday I ate up my TJ’s salad mixes, so decided to try this chopped salad. I’m pretty sure I got some of this free from Food Not Bombs a long time ago. It was great fresh this time 🙂 I nuked 8 meatballs, poured out half the salad, used one of the two dressing packets and had the whole topping packet. As much as I like it, I think I will go back to Cruciferous Crunch with added Romaine and some chicken meatballs.


I’m keeping my door locked and my phone turned off. I am finding it difficult to deal with “help” I have not asked for. I need lots and lots of quiet alone time. I like leaving my apartment to see peeps, but not having hordes come to me. I feel sooooooo mean!

I have a hard enough time just staying conscious and upright. No one’s worrying is going to make that better. I never realized how laid back I am until I bumped into other people’s need to fidget and fuss.

Kissing Helen was here today. She brought me the name of a hospice company that put on a memorial service here. People liked the service, so they figured it must be a good company. I looked them up online and they take my insurance. Maybe by next week I will be calm enough to try again to find help. I have been slacking on things like making plans for my body and all that. Sigh…..