This is cider with dry ice in it 🙂 

deco-witch witch-hat doc fire

Halloween party for old folks

doc-and-scarecrows whiteface

pauline pie candyman festive

roy grim bev-face shirt

nosey old-guys creepy


It’s Mikey’s birthday today!

I was in very rough shape today. So hard to stay upright and breathing! But….I went to Temple Square to take pictures and to the Halloween party. No matter where I was, people thought I was drunk, high or about to die. Take your pick 😛 I felt like all those things at once 😮

I wrote quite a bit this morning for the blog. When I read it tonight, much of it is disconnected and ummm….crazy. Last night it was also tough and I had to rewrite a bunch of times. Today it was as if people were Charlie Brown’s teacher. I could hear talking, but this is what it sounded like. I think my brain is going on strike!