The Grand America hotel has their sparkle lights up for the season.

When I heard someone tap on my bedroom window after midnight….I was not amused. I went from relaxing and almost asleep to tied up in knots. So I got up and kept busy with photos, TV and playing solitaire. Then around 3:30 AM, someone banged hard on my living room window. It creeped me out and scared the heck out of me. I sat there motionless….wondering who was out there? Was I in danger?

This morning I went to the manager’s office to tell the 2 new women managers about the middle of the night incidents. They said they were going to check the security cameras. I had collapsed a few times by noon and was feeling yucky. My voice stayed broken all day. I also struggled to breathe, sit upright, focus my eyes and think. The more my body tries to maintain consciousness, the harder my heart beats. The more I struggle over-all, the more I sweat…even in the cold. It was 35 this morning. Brrrrrrr…..


After taking out garbage and recycling, I thought maybe I would go over to DI. The closer I got, the more I did not want to go in. Then I figured I would just go around the block. I honestly don’t remember how I got there, but I rolled onto the first TRAX train to come along. It was supremely hard to think. Where did this train go? Where did I want to go? When we pulled up to the Ballpark station, I suddenly decided to go to Walmart.

I did not need or want anything, I just needed a destination. For the most part, Walmart is more expensive than Smith’s. Walmart was sort of empty and boring. I looked at just about everything. I found something I wanted! A spray can of Pure Citrus orange air freshener. I’ve wanted more of that for a long time. Yes! 🙂


To go home, I went by sidewalk. Not much to take pics of on that route. It was a pleasant temperature on the way home, so I took off my jacket. Part way home, I suddenly got very confused and had no idea where I was, how I got there, or where to go next 😮 I’m noticing that more and more often, my brain is missing chunks of time. Ummmmm…..scary.

So I got home and there was the oxygen company truck parked out on the side street. I got to my door and there was a hang tag from that company saying they had just missed me. I zoomed back outside, found the guy and collected my new CPAP mask from him. Another yes!!!


Soon after I got home, my insulin pump simultaneously ran out of insulin and needed a new battery. It took a while to fill the vial, put a new set in my belly, change the battery and settle back down. That’s pretty much my whole day right there. The rest I don’t remember.