Today was difficult. My voice was extra, extra broken. My eyes fluttered almost continuously as I struggled to stay conscious. I was super dizzy. The back of my head swelled up more humongous than ever. Just like when I first got WNV, my left eye has been leaking sticky stuff.


Olive barfed up a hairball in my bed this morning. It was all I could do to strip the bed. I had zero strength left. Later in the day I moved the whole bed, hoping to be able to put the fitted sheet on. I fainted in the bed. It was really scary 😦 My heart was beating all wrong. When I was strong enough, I got in my chair and went to the common area by the door to lose consciousness in public instead of alone. I was very out of it. Very confused. My friend, Marion, came along. She was worried. My eyes fluttered, I struggled to breathe, I turned colors, etc. It was sooooo hard to talk and breathe!


After about an hour of sitting there, there were prickles on the back of my head and neck. The swelling went down and suddenly I could talk just fine, my eyes quit fluttering and breathing was easy. Marion said I looked like a different person.


Tonight I was sitting in the living room. I’m not sure what I was doing. When I became conscious of my surroundings, I was staring at the TV. My left eye was wicked swollen up. Next thing I know, there was that sticky eye fluid on my glasses. I lost a chunk of time. My eye hurt. I sat here feeling confused. My eye unswelled. Now it feels like it is sinking into my head. Some sort of thin fluid is trickling in my ear and down my throat on the left. Did something pop in my eye? Now there’s a deep ache. Did my brain spring a leak? I feel weird. Sick to my stomach with eye pain. I’m quivery all over.


These pics are using the chromebook’s crummy camera. What’s up with the bluer and bluer skin?


Have I been abducted by aliens?


Did I watch too many episodes of the X-Files?

I can’t even count how many times I blacked out today. Maybe that got boring so I decided to blue out????

Dang. My left eye is getting dried out. I don’t feel well at all. My belly hurts. Now what?