Tunnel along the Jordan River Parkway bike path

I wasn’t expecting that. He said 10 years ago, he, too would have put me in hospice. He claims technology and testing are better now. He thinks….but does not know….that it’s my heart messing up and I need a pacemaker. My diagnosis for today is Vasovagal syncope.


Grasses in a marshy area

I waited an hour and a half to see my doc, then spent more than an hour with him. He basically trusts nothing from any of my other doctors. He even doubted my endocrinologist and retested my a1c. He thought it was too good to be true that I went from 8.4 to 6.6. Well….he was a little bit right. This time it was 6.7. I think that’s because one day last week, my blood sugar kept going up, even though I didn’t eat. A1c is weighted more toward recent results than long term. According to my meter, my average blood sugar is 129. That would be an a1c of 5.8. It’s never as good as my meter predicts. He also made me pee in a cup to see if my kidneys are as bad as the endocrinologist says.


Morning sunflowers along the parkway

The internist says I can live longer if I need and get a pacemaker. I then wanted to know what he was going to do about the hernia, my poorly treated myasthenia gravis, etc, etc. What good will it do to prolong my life if the quality sucks? He said the important thing was getting me to live longer. We went back and forth about that a long time.


Box of monitor gizmos.

The doc told me stories about 2 patients. One was a rich old guy who kept complaining of dizziness and fainting, but when tested, everything checked out fine. This went on a while. One day while coming up the clinic’s elevator, the guy dropped dead. Just lately another old guy came along with the same problems. They used the BodyGuardian on him, found out it was his heart, gave him a pacemaker and the guy is doing great. The internist wants my problem staying conscious to miraculously be fixed with a pacemaker.


One more machine to hang on my body.

Many, many mixed emotions! I have to not get my hopes up. That might not be the problem or the fix. It would not fix all the other things going wrong, either. My doc wants to save people. That’s usually a good thing. My mother had a pacemaker put in…..and died a few weeks later. Sometimes medical intervention is helpful….sometimes not. I have thought about this a great deal for many, many years.


In the smog layer.

My internist sent me to the cardiologist. I went from his clinic to the hospital. They hooked me up to the heart monitor. Not exactly thrilled 😦 I have to wear 4 sticky things on my chest and belly that the leads snap onto. So far I have accidentally disconnected 3 of them. Sigh….


Hard to tell you are looking at a big city in a valley under the temperature inversion.

When I got home 7 hours after leaving, the first thing I did was to talk to 2 men who have pacemakers. Neither one of them were dizzy or felt bad in any way until they were told they needed a pacemaker. But….once it was working, both felt a heck of a lot better. Ethyl, one of the last people to die here, had a pacemaker put in, but she died of cancer not that much longer afterwards.


Later the clouds were gone…but the smog was still there!!

There was more happening, but I keep forgetting what I want to say. Long day, too much excitement. I took more than 100 pics. For tonight I will put up temperature inversion shots. The valley is socked in, but the mountains above the university are in the clear. The good and bad air was snapped just a few feet apart in one of the hospital’s sky bridges. Looking downhill or up. What a difference, huh?


Clouds when I got there, blue sky when I left…both looking uphill.