still-yellow sidewalk nice-tree early

When I left home, the sun was still high. When I came home, it was a wonderland of light and shadows. As long as I was on the sunny side of the street, I felt comfortable. In the shadow of buildings, it was darned cold.

fenced-roses flowers pink-cosmos

Here’s the city as I saw it…..

leaves-fallen light-through-leavessun-on-building


light-and-shadowI needed to go out! I had somehow frittered away the day….and I hardly remember how. In the afternoon, a missionary came and got my laundry πŸ™‚ All I did was strip the cases off pillows and I was very close to fainting. I hope my new machine will get good info from those times. I am trying to pay better attention to the different sorts of dizziness and fainting. And is it a head rush or a hit to the gut? Do I fall or lean? Am I SOB? Is my voice better or worse? Is my heart pounding? Skipping beats?

just-branches never-closed leaves-not-on-trees

I’ve been enjoying the last of the flowers and leaves…plus nice weather.

ivy-fence ivy-tree through-the-leaves light-colors-shadow


As you might imagine, I have been wondering if it’s a case of life…or death. I have been trying to wrap my mind around the possibility of a pacemaker. A couple of nurses I know online have said my symptoms lead them to think I do need a pacemaker. I also talked to another guy from here in the building about pacemakers. His brother got one and minutes later had a lung operation. It made him strong enough for surgery and he became more energetic and alive. Sounds good, huh? Anything that would make me less SOB or have more energy sounds promising. Now the big IF…if it’s my heart that needs fixing.

Nothing like getting my emotions yanked all over the place!